Middle School

by James Patterson

Lexile Level is 700

Middle School The Worst Year of my Life

Middle School The Worst Year of My Life is about a 6th grader named Rafe trying to survive middle school, but that's not all. Rafe is adding a twist into his year. He's thinking about breaking every rule in the school. In fact he even has a name for his operation. He calls it operation R.A.F.E.

Rafe Khatchadorian

Rafe Khatchadorian is the main character of this story. In the story he isn't the brightest kid in the story (Operation R.AF.E isn't the brightest idea he made so far.)Rafe as a child did have a twin brother named Leo. He died when he was just 3 years old. Leo had lighter hair than Rafe and was a bit chubbier than Rafe. Rafe also has a younger sister named Georgia. Only reason why Rafe made this operation was that he wanted to be known and wanted to feel alive. How ever Leo is actual a imaginary friend of Rafe and you will be seeing him a lot.

My Favorite Part Was......

It was when Rafe was breaking a dress code on Halloween. He was dressed up as a ninja running through the school throwing ninja stars (cherios) as he was running down the hall he bumped into the principal and was told to take it off. Well..... he did take it of, but he well ran of in his boxers apparently.

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