William Penn

By: Layla Sullivan


Do you know who founded Pennsylvania? Well his name is William Penn. He was amazing and inspiring in many ways. Penn had to grow up and live during the 1600's and the war. Penn went through a lot when he became a Quaker. He was put in jail. To stop his family feud, Penn asked for land in America. Once he got land, he named it after his father. William Penn did amazing things like finding Pennsylvania, and not giving up, and because of that he became history, so thats why i wrote about him. I hope enjoy reading about his life style and what he did through out history.

The Begining of William Penn

Penn was born October 14, 1644, London, England. When Penn was born in a wealthy family. His father, William Penn was a Naval officer. When Penn got a little older he became an aristocrat. When Penn got much older he went to school at Essex. Penn then entered "Christ Church, Oxford". But, Penn was soon expelled from school for meeting other rebellious students outside the school. William Penn was expelled but that didn't stop him. He soon became a Quaker but also never gave up on that.

Becoming a Quaker

Poor Penn imprisoned so many times just for writing and preaching about Quakerism. Penn was the first one to be imprisoned at the "Tower Of London" in 1668. After about 8 months his father soon came to get him. Before his father released him, he wrote "No Cross, No Crown " a piece explaining Quaker beliefs and practices. In 1670 Penn was arrested at a Quaker meeting and accused of planing a riot with another Quaker. Penn was imprisoned many times but was also amazing. He founded Pennsylvania.

Finding Pennsylvania

A while after he got out of prison his father died, he wanted to settle a feud so he asked the king for land in America. When Penn arrived in America he found a land and and named it Pennsylvania. He named it after his father William Penn which means "Penn's Wood's". When he got the colony ready and able for every one to arrive. Penn allowed everyone of all religions to come to his new colony. For who ever paid their own way to the colony he offered free land. When indentured servants were done with their work he gave them 50 acers of land. Even though he got his own land and allowed pretty much everyone to be in his colony he was put in jail one last time.


Even though he was put in jail he was put in jail one last time, he didn't die there. Penn's beginning was hard, being born during the war, but he was strong and got through it. Him being a Quaker was the most difficult time of his life. Penn was a very, strong, non-give up person so he never gave up. When Penn got his own land in America he made it what it is today, Pennsylvania.


Aristocrat-a member of an aristocracy

Colony-a body of people living in a new territory but retaining ties with the parent state

Indentured Servant-a person who signs and is bound by indentures to work for a specified time especially in return for payment of travel expenses and maintenance

Religious-of or relating to religion


Wealthy-having a lot of money and possesions


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