Doc Uranium


The Past...

Doc Uranium, original name being subject 92, was born with the natural ability of being radioactive. She is the byproduct of a nuclear reactor break down. Raised in hope to be good she was sheltered and unknowing. However, she is the fine line between unstable and stable. Therefore, she decided she better fit the role of a villain. Thus creating one of the more toxic beings.
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Doc Uranium's Nemesis

Doc Uranium's nemesis are the Noble Gases.

Uranium is a Very Helpful and Harmful Element

Uranium is commonly used to power energy. Its also an extremely radioactive element so its used in nuclear weapons as well. Another common use of uranium is to be put inside glass to make it glow a yellow-green color.

Background on the Element Uranium

Uranium’s atomic number is 92, it atomic weight is 238.02891. The chemical symbol is U. Its melting point is 2075°F and boiling point is 7468°F. Its density is 18.95 grams per cubic centimeter. At room temperature it is a solid also the classification is a solid inside the periodic table. Uranium is found in period 7 but has no group. It is considered to be an actinide. One of its special qualities is that it is naturally radioactive. It was named after the planet Uranus also. It was discovered in 1789 by Martin Heinrich Klaproth, a German chemist. It’s used commonly in the nuclear power industry and to generate electricity. Uranium consists of 3 isotopes which are uranium-234, uranium-235, and uranium-238. It can be used inside of glass to cause a glowing aspect of it’s under a black light. Finally, its color is a metallic gray.
Uranium - Periodic Table of Videos

Doc Uranium

Her plans aren't to destroy the world but to control it. After living her entire life inside a government facility she finally became free. This cause for freedom and control made her create lair deep under the ground where it is very difficult to find her. She is physically unstable causing extra energy to power the surrounding objects. Therefore, creating her own energy source for her lair. Doc Uranium still remains ominous.

Atomic Structure of an Uranium Atom