Female leadership

Should females be able to lead

The Ratio in The Workplace

  • Women made up 46.9% of the labor force.
  • Only 15% hold executive positions in the workplace
  • Only 17% hold a board seat
  • About half of the labor force is female
  • Out of that half only about 3.6% are CEO (Leadership Position)

Who Runs the World?

The term equal is used loosely in the workplace when referring to women. Nearly half of the workplace is female populated and less then 5% of the females hold leadership position. Is this fair? Well if women work just as hard as males than they should be treated with the same privileges as men and hold leadership positions.

In this guy based world we believe that guys are the leaders and women are the house wives' so are this makes everyone think "are women fit to be leaders?" based on modern day society women are self efficient and do not depend on males to provide for them.

So why don't we have a female president? in laymen's terms, because guys are born leaders no one else.

Is there any hope for change?

  • With the growth of women in the workplace, we are more likely to see female leaders.
  • From the education growth women are becoming more 'fit' to hold a CEO or Head position.
  • There is a hope and a bright future.