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The Biweekly Newsletter of the Kaohsiung American School

2019-2020, Issue #4: Sept 30th

KAS PTA Welcomes New Teachers with Style

Thank you to the KAS PTA for a lovely Welcome Banquet this recent Friday evening. A wonderful time was had by all in attendance, and it contributed such a strong sense of togetherness to our KAS community. We are excited to welcome all new faculty, all new students, and all new families to KAS at the banquet. Among many of the highlights of the evening were the students who shared their talents with those in attendance. We thank the PTA for their time, effort, and care in hosting such a special event.


KAS internship program with WeiWuYing

We are very excited and proud to announce the launch of KAS internship program with WeiWuYing, the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, also known as the world’s largest performing arts center under one single roof. This internship program will provide our high school students a once-in-the-lifetime opportunity to have first-hand experience in the WeiWuYing, working side-by-side with the world-class professionals in artistic planning division, customer service division and front house division. The first internship project will start in October till December; students who are interested and eligible for the program will be invited to have an interview with the WeiWuYing operation team in early October.

On Wednesday 9/25 at the BIG time, Miss Alina Chia-Hui LIN, Deputy Executive Director of WeiWuYing along with members of the operation team visited our school and also gave a presentation about this cooperative learning program to our grade 10-12 students. KAS is the pioneer school in Taiwan to partner with WeiWuYing for its first experimental internship for high school students. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Performing Arts Director, Ms. Monica Su,
9月25日星期三,衛武營國家文化藝術中心的副總監Ms. Alina Chia-Hui Lin協同營運部的成員參訪了KAS,也對我們10-12年級的學生簡報介紹了此實習計畫。KAS是台灣首位和衛武營國家文化藝術中心合作高中生實習計畫的學校。若您有任何疑問,請聯繫我們的藝術總監Ms. Monica Su,

New Traffic Regulation

Due to the new government traffic regulations, our security guards are no longer allowed to direct traffic on the public roads effective from October 1, 2019. We were suggested to hire the traffic auxiliary police in this circumstance to direct the traffic on public roads around school, but we were told there is insufficient manpower available. We are working with government authorities to find a better solution. Until then, our security will continue to direct traffic on the KAS campus, but will not do so on public roads.

Parents who wish to avoid a difficult left turn into campus from Sheng-Li Road may have another option. It is also possible to make a left turn to drive on CueiFeng Road when you are off the viaduct toward CueiHua Road. Then, when you drive on CueiFeng Road, you can make a right turn to ChengFeng Road and drive until you meet the T-road intersection. Then you will see the school fence at a distant location on your right hand side. Then, if you make a right turn when you see Sheng-Li Road, you should have easy access to enter the campus side gate with a right turn. We will keep you informed if we have more information.


Big picture

Lunch process change in School Year 2020-21

We have begun the process of searching for a lunch vendor to provide school lunch starting with the 2020-21 school year. Our current vendor will continue for the rest of this school year 2019-20. As part of that transition, when we start next school year 2020-21 we will return to invoicing all students for lunch fees at the same time as tuition and other fees, instead of the current system of students paying in the lunch line. This change is a return to the previous method used up until 2017. This change will make the lunch line more efficient, help make operations predictable for the lunch company, and help all students have more time to enjoy a healthy lunch. If you know of any interested providers, please introduce them to our business office.

KAS Middle School Update

KAS Middle School is proud to announce fall student led conferences, for October 25, 2019. Student-Led conferences are considered “best practices” for middle school students because they promote ownership of academic achievement, help students with Goal Setting, teach Presentation Skills, Instill Confidence, Engage both the students and the parents in academic development, Foster Family Relationships, and Studies Show that students can accept and reach the goals and high expectations of academic achievement.

Families will have enough time to listen to each learner in the amount of time it takes for that learner to share his/her portfolio. Families also have time to make walk-in visits to all other MS teachers, after the student-led conference is complete. Teachers communicate with advisory teachers to make request conferences with specific students. Families should have received an invitation to sign up for a conference through the students’ Advisory Teacher.

Middle School Physical Education uniforms are back in stock and in all sizes. Please purchase through the Business Office for 1500NT for a set. The uniform is required for all Middle School PE classes and must be cleaned after each use due to rigorous activity. Students must change clothes after PE class and are not permitted to wear uniforms to lunch or other classes. Thank you!


The Middle School House competition has started for 2019-2020 and we have three contests in the books already. Curie House won the summer reading contest, Lincoln House won last week’s Tug O’ War, and Lincoln House won the Class Cheer competition at the MS Assembly in September. It looks like it will be a close race all year! The House system is how we build community among students, teach sportsmanship, and have fun!
中學部2019-2020學年度的House競賽正式揭開序幕,我們目前已經舉辦過三場House競賽了。Curie House在暑期閱讀比賽中脫穎而出,Lincoln House獲得上週拔河比賽以及九月份中學集會歡呼比賽的冠軍。House System是我們用來建立學生與學生之間的大家庭情感、訓練運動家精神、以及從各式各樣的House活動中帶給大家歡樂!


Mr. Payne, Middle School Principal 國中校長

IB Bits

Did you know?

The International Baccalaureate (IB) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968. The first program offered by the IB was the Diploma Programme (DP) and this was the only IB programme in existence until 1994 when the Middle Years Programme (MYP) was developed. The visionaries of the IB DP created the program for internationally mobile families with children who needed to prepare for university and couldn’t necessarily do so through studying the local curriculum. The early program consisted of a common pre-university curriculum and worldwide exams. At the heart of the program has always been the motive to create a better world through high-quality education. As of September 2019, there are 5,175 IB schools in 157 countries.


IB Exam Registration - IB 考試報名

Students taking IB exams in May 2020 must fill out the IB Exam Registration Survey and pay for the exams by November 1st. IB exam fees increase in November. Ms. Haines will be in English classes October 8th and 9th to help students sign up, and to answer questions. If you have questions about how IB exams fit into college plans, please make an appointment with the counseling department. IB exams take place from May 4 through May 22, 2020.

學生要在2020年5月參加IB考試的話必須填寫IB考試報名問卷,並且在11月1日繳交報名費用。 Ms. Haines會在10月8日以及10月9日的英文課時協助學生報名,並且回答大家的問題。如果您對於IB考試如何適用在大學申請計畫中,請您與大學輔導部門聯繫。IB考試將在2020年5月4日到22日之間舉行。

IB Middle Years - 10th Grade Personal Projects

IB 中學項目- 10年級個人專題

All KAS 10th graders, as part of the IB Middle Years Program, have begun a Personal Project that will culminate in February with an exhibition of their projects to community members. Personal Project Coordinator Terea Marcum has led the students through a series of foundational steps, resulting in a topic and a project. Built into this project are several requirements, such as a global connection, research, and the maintaining of a process journal. Each student has been paired with a faculty supervisor, with whom the student is required to meet throughout the next five months. It is hoped that the student will further develop an interest or passion, and will learn and grow from this experience. This project is preparation for the Internal Assessments and Extended Essay required in grades 11 and 12 of the IB Diploma Program.

所有參與IB中學項目的10年級學生將於2月展示他們進行已久的個人專題。個人專題召集人Terea Marcum帶領的學生們經過一系列的基礎的步驟,完成了他們的專題。完成這項專題需要幾個要求,例如:與世界接軌,研究,和專題日誌。在未來的五個月裡,每個學生都有一位專題指導老師與他們碰面。希望經由這個專題,學生經由這個專題能夠培養、發展以後能夠繼續學習和成長的興趣。個人專題對於11、12年的國際預科文憑的校內評量和延伸論文是很好的準備。

Ms Deborah Haines, IB/AP Coordinator IB/AP召集人

College Corner

Greg Bishop 📨 College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Jill Newman 📨 College Counselor 大學輔導老師

Students are right in the middle of working on college applications. Early decision and early action deadlines are looming on Oct 15, Nov 1 or Nov 15. They should only be applying for early decision if they are 100% sure that’s the college they want to attend because the decision is binding. If they are accepted, they MUST attend that university and cancel all their other applications immediately. This only applies to US universities. Canada and other countries do not have an early application round however the earlier a student submits his or her application, it may be a benefit to them. Most smaller colleges read applications as they receive them and can render a decision quickly.


Just a reminder that our target date for completing all North American applications is December 15.

Please remember that this is a very stressful time for many of our students so let’s all help support them through this process.


Please note: University of Chicago visit: Oct 5 at 6 pm in the lecture hall. 謹提醒:芝加哥大學的參訪是10月5日晚間六點在學校3樓演講廳。

We Are KAS

KAS strives to be one of the finest American International Schools in the World. KAS challenges students to achieve academic excellence and prepares them to be balanced individuals, independent learners, and global citizens.

Kaohsiung American School (KAS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Pre K – 12 institution offering an American, college preparatory program leading to a US high school diploma and the opportunity for an IB Diploma.

KAS is located in the northern area of Kaohsiung city, the second largest city in Taiwan with 1.5 million inhabitants. Kaohsiung American School was established in 1989 as an elementary school serving the needs of local and expatriate families with children.