Grade information

Reporting your Child's/Student's grades through email

Recent Changes

Recent directives from the NC Department of Public Instruction prohibit me from sending you letter or percentile grade information about your child/student via direct email. However, I would still like you to know your child's/student's progress in the course! Therefore, in future emails I will be using the following terminology to indicate identified grades:

  • A - "excellent"
  • B - "good"
  • C - "fair"
  • D/F - You will be receiving a personalized email from me that includes a password protected document with your child's grade and additional information. The password to open this document is: grades

Please refer to this terminology for future correspondence throughout the remainder of the semester!

If you ever have questions, please do not hesitate to call, text or email!

Donna Thomas, Honors Anatomy NCVPS

tel: 910-590-3981 please note that I teach a F2F class and will be unable to respond to calls during school hours, but will return your call at the first opportunity!