Roosevelt School

December 2019 Newsletter

Important Upcoming Dates

2: School reopens from Winter Break

3 :School Picture Makeup Day

17: Grade 5/6 Snowball Dance

20: School Closed in observance of Martin Luther King

24: Grade 5 Science Fair

31: Grade 3 Science Fair

Spotlight on Social Studies Classes

This month the spotlight is on our Social Studies classes. Look at the exciting things our students are doing!

Grade 3 Social Studies

We have been having a blast in Third Grade Social Studies! Over the course of the last few weeks we have learned all about different Native American groups - the Eastern Woodlands, the Great Plains, the Pueblos, and the tribes of the North West Coast. Our focus has been on their types of shelters, clothing, food sources, and general way of life depending on what region the group lived in. Along the way, we have had some awesome hands-on projects including making a teepee, writing our very own “skin” story, and constructing a totem pole. We also wrote our very own folk tales to go along with our totem poles. Students have really enjoyed this fun unit.

Grade 4 Social Studies

The fourth grade students at Theodore Roosevelt School just completed a unit on the Lenni Lenape. To end our Lenni Lenape unit students focused on a specific topic of study and they created a slideshow presentation to report their findings. This month students will focus on the key events that led to the creation of the United States and the state of New Jersey.

Grade 5 Social Studies

The fifth grade students are working on “recruiting” the student body to join their colonial region through a Colonial Regions Recruitment Fair PBL. The students through their own inquiry will gather information about the colonial region of their choosing. In their colonial region group, the students will work together to present the information they gathered in an effort to persuade the student body. The students will draw upon the skills they have learned through writer’s workshop about persuasive writing to help them present their information.

Grade 6 Social Studies

This month, the Sixth Grade has been learning about Ancient Egypt. The students created group projects that represent various aspects of Ancient Egyptian life. These included: beliefs and customs, language and writing, arts and crafts, way of life, and geography. Children researched and used many different platforms to present their work. They truly enjoyed using their creative sides to come up with different ways of representing Ancient Egyptian life. Some of the final products included jewelry, clothing, a cruise down the Nile, menus, and a pen pal letter. We even had an Ancient McDonald’s!