To provide superior Career and Technical Education enabling all students to achieve their aspirations.

CTE Prime

October is Careers in Construction Month. Thank you for celebrating this in each of your own unique ways. I'm thrilled with our twitter presence and how we are utilizing that platform. This week I wanted to feature Carpentry and Electrical. If you want to explore more of the trades, visit here. The average salary listed is the national average.

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Weekly Brief

1. Howard HS held its Ribbon Cutting ceremony for the new practice field. Special thanks to Kyle, the HHS admin team, Kathy, and Al for guaranteeing an incredible event.

2. A special thank you to Howard and Hodgson for playing their J.V. football game at Eden Park. The park was completely revitalized as a part of the city's effort to offer improved and enhanced facilities for youth and residents.

3. Met with Terri, Jack, and Colleen to begin reviewing CTE programs from the district perspective and identify programs that need additional support.

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Up Ahead: Streamlining

1. Meeting with Wilmington U representatives to discuss the possibility of streamlining our CTE instructors into the university and their courses. This partnership would allow our instructors to be automatically enrolled upon being hired into NCCVT and would allow them to take courses at their earliest convenience. Although our CTE instructors require varying credits based on their credentials, there are a couple classes everyone needs to complete.

Quote on Principle B--Behavior

"Don't let the behaviors of others destroy your inner peace." Dalai Lama

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Going Beyond...

Classroom management is an incredible skill among the most effective teachers. Effective administrators possess the knowledge of impactful management strategies and have the ability to communicate them to teachers. Check out this blog on 19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies.

Important Dates

  • Teacher of the Year Banquet - October 15
  • Howard Field Ribbon Cutting - October 17
  • 1st MP Ends - October 25
  • Board Meeting - October 28
  • District Open House - November 3
  • Veteran’s Day (Schools & Offices Closed) - November 11