Egypt's Geography

Did you know....

The Nile River.... Egypt's Lifeblood

Did you know that the Nile River is the longest river in the whole world! Well it is, it flows along the Sahara Desert, about 4,000 miles. The Nile River provided many things such as water to drink and water to grow crops. The Nile had a negative impact which was that when it over-flooded it would wash out everything even the crops. So the Nile river was important to the Egyptians but yet destroyed their crops.

The Cataracts..... No not your granparent's eye problems

Some of you guys think of a different cataract but you guys are wrong if you think I'm talking about your grandparent's eye problem. Cataracts is a place where steep cliffs and huge boulders form fast moving waters. Cataracts made traveling by ship difficult. So that is a negative impact now the positive impact that the cataracts gave is that it kept invaders from attacking Egypt. So the cataracts impacted Egypt and the Nile River in both ways.

Ailish Almonte

I enjoyed exploring the Geography of Egypt and learned about the Nile River and saw how the Delta and Cataracts effected human life there.