Ready to have fun?

Go to Ms. Ana Lili's Technology Class!

Your oportunity to grow as a human is here

In Ms. Ana Lili's Class you will be able to see all kind of fun topics! You'll be sad it's over after the semester ends

You will see:

Coding (aka. creating video games!)

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Create your own store website!

Learn to use spreadsheet

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Record your screen

Google SpreadSheet Functions: IF, SUM, Average and much more!

Edit Videos as a Pro with WeVideo

Enjoy my lyrics video of "Diganle que Estoy Bien" of Los Claxons
Díganle Que Estoy Bien Lyrics

And much more!

Ms. Ana Lili's Technology Class!

Monday, Dec. 8th, 11:30am-12:15pm


This class will make you learn with this awesome teacher, and you will learn TONS in a semester. The best part is that it will be useful for other classes as well!

Rules for this class

  1. Respect each other
  2. Arrive in time! You can, and will, get detention if you are late.
  3. Don't get in Ms. Ana Lili's bad side (we prefer her happy and well!)
  4. Have Fun Learning!!!