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The Food Store 1109 Iowa St

Is a small store that has organic fair trade items. It's mission is to help people who arent payed enough to get what they deserved.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: is tooth picks, organic wood that has been choped for tooth pick

1. $1.00

2. what makes item fair trade ? well it has the approval stamp on it and was in an organic plus fair trade sold store

3. comparibility? both are wood and strong and some kinds hve mint on it. but for comparing Fair Trade with normal is that both are

STEPS are :

1. its first has to be chopped dowm for wood:

2. then it has to be shipped to a factory to be cut down.

3. then it has to be cured

(optional minty)

4.then packeged and shipped to stores.

then it has to be sold

6. then stuck in mouth