Mt. Tambora

By Konner Hellenbrand


The explosion of Mount Tambora is the largest eruption ever recorded by people, ranking a 7 meaning super colossal. The volcano europted on Sumbawa Island, Indonesia in 1815. The volcano is now inactive so it is considered a mountain. The eruption reached its peak in April 1815, when it exploded so loudly that it was heard on Sumatra Island, more than 1,200 miles. There were many casualties, there were an expected 71,000 deaths


Mount Tambora is 1,260 kilometres from Java, and 2,600 kilometres fromSumatra; which are the two most densely populated islands in Indonesia. Mount Tambora is located at exactly 8.3° S, and 118.0° E. The volcano lies on the fault called the Java Trench, which was made by the eurasian and indo-australian plates that are convergent boundaries.