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Getting Started With Pinterest For Business


Getting Started With Pinterest For Business

About Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual medium where users can pin their passions and interests to a digital pin board. Pinterest allows users and brands to showcase what is most important to them. Pinterest can serve as many things. A board of inspiration, motivation for your goals, and a medium to share your passions. For a business, Pinterest is an aesthetically pleasing way to tell your story and engage your audience. With Pinterest, a brand can tell its story through a series of beautiful pins - photos and graphics that your customers love.

Who Uses Pinterest?
From teens to international brands, chances are you already know someone who loves using Pinterest. The platform has amassed 48.7 million users since the companies launch in 2010. Since Pinterest’s debut, the platform has gained popularity among a wide audience including major brands who have flocked to the platform. Pinterest has allowed these brands to connect with customers in a novel and visual way.

What Are Users Pinning?
Passion. Love. Inspiration. Motivation. Users of Pinterest are pinning the things that matter to them most. On Pinterest you will find boards ranging from meal ideas, wedding inspiration, fashion tips, fluffy animals, and so many other beautiful things.

Why Does Pinterest Matter For Business?

The digital landscape is constantly changing. Pinterest can play an important role in your marketing plans and serve as a great medium to help tell your brand’s story. Your customers already use Pinterest. Joining the conversation can help your company start a conversation around their passion points. Not only is Pinterest helping spur conversation between consumers and brands, but it can also drive revenue back to your website. Pinterest allows brands to create a visual storefront through a series of images that link to a website. In a recent study, customers coming from Pinterest spent around $180 when compared with the $85 spent by those coming from Facebook.

Why Pinterest?

  • Inspire Your Customers
  • Share Your Passion
  • Create A Conversation
  • Drive Revenue For Your Brand

Ready To Start Telling Your Brand’s Story?

Taking the initial plunge on a new digital platform can be daunting. With Pinterest, the setup process is simple, allowing a brand to pin the same way an ordinary user would. In a matter of minutes, your company can start pinning, engaging with users, and creating a conversation that your customers will love to be a part of.

Get started now!

By: Arianna O'Dell

Arianna O'Dell currently works at a digital marketing firm called Social3i which provides content marketing, social media strategy and engagement services to a select number of clients. Her role as content manager includes planning digital strategies, account management, and community building.

In the past, she have helped brands big and small build their social media presence and digital strategy. Arianna loves Pinterest and would love to be given the opportunity to teach businesses about the platform.