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JAN/FEB 2020 Newsletter - Glenoaks School Counselors

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Guidance Lessons

Glenoaks Owls have been practicing their Conflict Resolution Ninja skills:

1- Understanding types of conflict including disagreements, rude moments, mean moments, and bullying.

2- Using problem solving steps:

Say the problem without blame

Think of solutions

Explore Consequences

Pick the best solution.

3- Recognizing Bullying as being mean purpose, over and over, when the other person feels scared or powerless.

4- Responding to Bullying by reporting to a trusted adult and standing with the person bullied as an ally instead of standing by as a passive witness.

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Parent Cafecito Sign In

Please sign in after viewing the Parent Cafecito. Door prizes available.

Is your child a 5th grader this year?

Please make sure to visit the (pink) Middle School Transition button on Schoology to find more information on course selection. Make sure to fill out the google form with their courses.

Thank you!

Ximena Huerta, 5th Grade Counselor

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Are you a parent struggling with virtual learning? Let certified NISD teachers help! Look for the Student Homework Support icon on the NISD Portal.

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