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Family Newsletter-Distance Learning Edition 4/10/2020

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Greetings Families,

On Wednesday, we learned that Governor Kate Brown made the excruciatingly hard decision to close brick and mortar schools for the remainder of the school year. That decision has created so many different feelings to process and work through. We want to keep our community safe and healthy, yet we desperately want to see and connect with our students. We miss their smiles, laughter, high-fives, hugs and day to day in person interaction and connection. The above sentiment is one that has been shared far and wide on social media. At this point I don't know who to tribute the words to, but know that this is how all educators are feeling across the world.

We also recognize the fact that all families and staff are facing challenges right now. Thank you to all parents and guardians who are working with us to get the distance learning plan rolled out. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we are embarking on something that we have never done before. I know that working through technology issues, learning new systems and online platforms is difficult and can be frustrating. Thank you for working alongside us to get our students access to learning. Thank you for extending grace to us as we make a monumental shift in our teaching practice and are transforming every aspect of our delivery model of instruction. Our staff members are also balancing the needs of their families while working from home, so we understand the varieties of challenges that families are faced with right now. We also are extending grace to everyone as we forge ahead into providing education to our students in a virtual world.

Starting Monday, April 13th we start shifting from our Supplemental Learning Plan to our Distance Learning Plan. This differs in that with the supplemental plan assignments and activities were optional, but highly encouraged. With the Distance Learning Plan some components will be required and graded. We are following guidance from ODE. More information and guidance will come from the district, me and classroom teachers as we roll this out. Part of the supplemental learning was figuring out how to use our online platforms Google Classroom and Google Meet. Remember that Distance Learning information can be found on this site. This shift will take place over the next two weeks. Our goal is that by Monday, April 27th we will have our Distance Learning Plan in place. Please look for communication from your child's teacher through Google Classroom and email regarding the plan for their classroom.

The Distance Learning Plan incorporates three major components. 1. Teacher-led instruction which includes direct teaching from the teacher (either live or recorded) and students will complete graded work in conjunction with this. 2. Supplemental work will be posted which provides additional practice, enrichment and extension. 3. Health and wellness activities which includes meals, breaks and social-emotional activities to ensure needs are met for the whole child.

We will continue to communicate with families and students through Google Classroom, email, phone calls, and Google Meet. Please don't hesitate to reach out for support if you need anything. We are here for you and with you.


Mrs. Gina McLain

This and That

  • Student belongings left at school---we will be communicating a plan in the near future about how we will be packing up and distributing personal items left behind by students (school supplies, personal headphones, etc.). Stay tuned. This is a big job and needs to be done with all social distancing rules in place and following all essential procedures. Thank you for your patience.
  • Personal Wifi Hotspots--HSD purchased around 1500 personal wifi hotspots for families and staff members without wifi access at home. I have the names of families who were in need of these and hopefully will have information regarding the distribution of these by middle of next week. We are hoping that there are enough to go around and will be one per family in need.
  • Paper packets--we will continue distribution of paper packets for those families who did not have access to wifi or due to another circumstance. We will be in communication with those families regarding distribution. Our goal is to have all students connected to Google Classroom for distance learning.
  • Chromebooks--if you were are in need of a tech device and were not able to get a Chromebook during our distribution please reach out to Mrs. McLain at mclaing@hsd.k12.or.us
  • Counselor's Letter to Families--please make sure to read our Counselor, Mrs. Jenning's Letter to Families (emailed out last week)
  • PE & Music Google Classrooms--If your child has not yet joined Ms. Young's Music Google Classroom or Mrs. Harrington's PE Google Classroom, please have your child join those classrooms with the following codes: Music: 613bbkb PE: rjan2pi

Lenox Yearbook Info

Your Lenox Booster Club and the Communication Crew (5th & 6th grade students) are putting the finishing touches on the yearbook for this school year. We will figure out how to distribute them to families who ordered them. More info to come later. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to extend the presale pricing of only $12 through the end of April. You can order your child's yearbook at www.lenoxboosterclub.com, by going to the "Shop" tab, selecting "Yearbook", and then clicking "Order Now!" If you have any yearbook questions, please email us at lenoxyearbookpics@gmail.com.
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