Hall Elementary Teacher Newsletter

March 23, 2015

Upcoming Events

March 23- Report Card Distribution

March 26- Data Meetings

March 27- National Honor Society Ceremony - 9:00

March 30 - Faculty Meeting: Test Security

March 31 - Instructional Rounds



3rd – 5th grade teachers: Please continue to review ACT Test Exemplars and Interim assessments. Model and practice how to use scratch paper effectively (in all subjects), go back to the passage or text to find the answers, answer constructed response questions with time constraints, answer technology enhanced items. We have two weeks until Spring Break – please make the best use of your instructional time to prepare students.

Instructional Rounds

Instructional Rounds will be held on Tuesday, March 31st. We will have over 40 visitors in the building. Visitors will spend 10-15 minutes in classrooms. A specific schedule will be given to you next week. All teachers need to be prepared for their visit. Instructional Rounds will focus specifically on the use of Literacy Strategies within our Units of Study. Focus Boards should include all required parts and be up to date (Unit, Big Idea, Daily Essential Question, Vocabulary, Pictures, Student Work, etc.). Classrooms should be neat and organized. Evidence of the use of literacy strategies for Unit instruction should be evident in the classrooms as well as the hallways.

Sickness Clean- Ups

Please call the office if someone in your class becomes sick and needs a clean up. We will send a custodian to clean the area. We have created a schedule that has each custodian on call several hours per day. They are to provide sickness clean-ups in all areas of the building during their designated time.

7:00-9:00- Gordon

9:00-11:00- Freeman

11:00-1:00- Lang

1:00-3:00- Johnson

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Weekly Professional Development

Please complete activity by Sunday, March 29.

Rigor is not a four letter word: Chapter 4 – Increase Complexity

The author identifies five specific ways to increase complexity in instruction (p. 53):

· Complexity through Problem Based Learning

· Complexity in Writing

· Complexity as You Assess Prior Knowledge

· Complexity with Vocabulary

· Complexity in Review Games

Choose two of these areas, and reflect on how you can increase complexity in the two areas you identified by describing how you plan on applying the information read into your daily instruction.

Have a wonderful week!