Comparative Poetry Analysis

Kyleigh Repinski Hour 2


In the poems prayer to the pacific and problems with hurricanes there was a great deal of tone, word choice, figurative language, form, and structure. There are many examples of these poems to engage the reader, making them want to know whats going to happen next. The author of Prayer to the Pacific also shares a very important myth with us stating that thirty thousand years ago the Laguna Indians had arrived in America from China on the back of sea turtles. This myth of origin is important, because it is related to the existence, culture, and survival of Native Americans. The author used the Pacific Ocean as a Source of Origin connecting Laguna Indians with nature. Moreover, it gives extra dynamism to Laguna culture. This dynamism of culture is imported by the language and the form of the poem too. The language is easy flowing like the water of the sea. The typography of the poem shows waves and currents of the water. The undercurrent of the water is the dynamism of the ocean which can be transferred to the dynamism of Laguna culture. Lastly in the poem Problems with Hurricanes the author has a humorous simile "bananas flying into town like projectiles”(7-8) creates the image of a killer fruit flying through the air like a weapon. This device over exaggerates the evil of the fruits. In addition to this description, the author adds that society would see death by fruit as sad because they are seen as safe and mild. I believe that the author feels that if the death was carried by a flying piece of fruit this would carry much shame causing the family members to feel embarrassed. This is shown through the personification of the wind when the author says “If the wind picked you up and slammed you against a mountain boulder This would not carry shame”(15-18).


These two poems that I choose both have figurative language, tone, word choice, structure and form. This makes the readers think about these poems and try to figure out the meaning. Without any figurative language these poems would be extremely boring and unwanted to read. Without tone or word choice these poems would be intensely easy to comprehend therefor these poems would be uninteresting and not creative. last but not least, these poems have structure and form to make it look really neat, but in Prayer to the Pacific the author did something astounding and completely unexpected. The author made this poem in the shape of actual waves!