News from Rochdale

by James & Hannah

How am I different from those around me?

Is it what I talk about?

Is it what I listen to?

Is how I respond to others?

Sometimes it is hidden in the reasons we do things

Hidden from the eyes and ears of those we wish could understand

We can both be kind, but I am kind for a different reason

We can both be calm, but my peace comes from a different world view

It is hidden

Until our different reasons lead us to respond differently

Until my reasons cause me to act unreasonably

And they ask me ‘why are you doing that?’

Then in that moment, if I catch it, I get to tell you a story about how I am different

I have been all along, you just never saw it, never knew

About why I am different

And suddenly what I believe is not an interesting part of my life

It is fundamental

It is permeating

It is in and through all I am and all I do

It is how I am different from those around me

A little update on our year

Last year we got to lead the Pais Rochdale team

It was a lot of fun and we got to grow our ministry within the town, also getting some great opportunities to share love, direction and the gospel with young people and kids from Rochdale

Last summer James created a band and performed at a local music festival, a few secular songs and a few Christian songs

He is looking forward to using his music to connect with people more

James has been working at Pizza Hut for the last few months to earn some extra money

It has been so much fun, getting to know the wonderful people who work there and learning to witness through conversation and lifestyle rather than preaching

Hannah finished at the coffee shop last summer and started college

She has been studying hard and is doing great, getting some qualifications which we hope will lead to teaching perhaps

The Higher Tour

The Message Trust are doing a huge tour of greater Manchester this term and we are hoping that they will come into our schools in Rochdale

The church leaders are all behind us and are encouraging us to go for it

We are talking to the local secondary schools still about the possibility

We are taking the opportunity to teach our young people about making disciples themselves

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We very much appreciate your prayers

Please pray for open doors to the schools with regards to our Higher plans

Please pray that our young people hear God's calling

Please pray that this term we find God's passion