Nord's Newsletter

December 15-19


The students are doing wonderful with asking questions before and during reading a text. Last week, I gathered the questions the students have asked and organized them based on if the answer could be found "Right in the Text" or if it a "Think and Search" question. The majority of the questions first graders write or come up with are Right in the Text type of question, which is perfectly fine. As long as the students are able to say or write a complete question, then we are doing good. But I have exposed them on some deeper questions which leads into inferring and that skill will be our Learning Target in January.


This week, the students will be learning to solve addition and subtraction number stories, which are story problems. The students will have to look for key words in the number story to tell if the problem is asking them to add or subtract. Again, a variety of math frames can be used to set up each problem. This can be tricky for students.

Social Studies

We be learning about our final Christmas Holiday Around the World...Hanukkah. I will read a couple of information texts to learn about the holiday and then read some fiction books too. The students will have a couple activities that tie into the holiday as well.

FUN Friday

On Friday, the students again will be rotating through the other 1st grade classes for some fun winter activities, like what we did for Thanksgiving. It is a nice way for the students to work with the other teachers and for me to get to know more of the 1st graders too. In the afternoon, we will make cranberry fluff and watch a Franklin holiday video.

THANKS to those who volunteered to bring in food for the fluff!!

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Guidance & Computer Lab
Tuesday: PE
Wednesday: Music
**Late Start**
Thursday: Library
**Winter Party @2:45**
Friday: Art
**Winter Break Begins