Women's Right's

English 3


In 1784 hanna was the first American women to learn herself by writing.


In 1826 Its incredible how public high schools were open in new York and Boston for girls they should off been open for women. Women should have the same rights as men.


In 1850 women got the right to own land by themselves.


1872 susan was arrested for something good she was doing and that was to vote


In 1872 They Had made a coin in an honor of Susan b Anthony something that I always wonder why was there a coin of her.


In 1872 federal law grants Women to get paid the same as men because they were doing the same job as men were doing.


In 1903 Women’s trade union was established to improve wages and working conditions for many women out there so it can be fair that they have the same rights as men.


In 1920 women were giving right to vote as today the league gives incredibly greater participation in the democratic process.


August 1920 , Only one women had signed the Seneca Falls declaration of sentiments.


In 1963 equal pay becomes federal law for everybody, the law states that everybody should get paid the same. Don’t matter if there’s a different sex worker.


1970 about 50,000 people marched in new York for the womens strike for equality.