Comet Chatter

March 2023

Harker's Book Vending Machine

by: Michael Dena and Brynn Perry

The book Vending machine is one of the best things that has happened to our school, and we can thank everyone who donated for the Boosterthon for that! We raised money for the playground, Mrs. Paccione’s kiln, and the Book Vending Machine. Mrs. Mission and Mrs. Sandy saw a book vending machine online and thought it was an amazing idea. Mrs. Sandy and Mrs. Mission have already given out 200 coins. They gave out 100 coins for teachers to reward their students with just in the week of 3/6/23. We interviewed one of the kids who earned a coin and The Diary Of The Wimpy Kid, which was one of the top sellers along with The Bad Guys. He got the token for the book vending machine by winning a secret student. Books that the student had their eyes on was the rest of the Diary Of The Wimpy Kid series. You can get a coin by being a good student, being the kid in your class who has improved the most in math or ELA scores in our district’s weekly assignments, or by doing something that makes your teachers proud of you. Maybe you can get a book you love too. All you have to do is do your best!

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Cosmobots Win Judges Award At State Championship

By: Mackenzie Booker

On February 25, 2023, the Comet Cosmobots attended the State Championship. They are waiting for the results of the championship as the head judge walks on stage and begins announcing the medalists. The judges say this special recognition goes to a very special team. the team worked with vampires; energy that sucks itself dry.The cow was not part of the solution, but this team surely is., giving a clear sign that the Judges Award will be presented to the one and only, Comet Cosmobots! When the Cosmobots are announced, a cheer rises from the parents in the stands. Smiling, the teammates walk up to receive their medals.

5th Grade After School Basketball was so much fun

By: Alan Monzo

After school basketball was a fun activity for 5th grade boys and girls. While playing a great sport you can also spend time with friends and have some fun! A big part of after school basketball is being a captain, it’s a great honor for those who are chosen. Here’s what the boys captains had to say about this year and their team. They were asked what it's like to be a captain and here’s what they had to say. Charlie Price, captain of Bombers had to say “ It is a mostly positive experience. I like being able to coach my team and also play” It’s rare to be a coach and play so that's fun in after school basketball. Here’s what Kyrie Wilson had to say about being a caption “ Its my first time being a captain and getting to lead my team. I liked the new experience.”

The teams really learned as the season progressed.. The Hog's captain Sam Ingram said “ Over time you pick up how your team plays and as you learn you get better” Mackenzie Booker is a girls after school basketball player and she said “ It’s competitive and there's a mix of skill levels, so everyone learns from each other.

Everyone has a favorite thing. It might be art or playing video games but these are the favorites of after school basketball. Bobby the Dragons caption on this take said “ Getting to be a captain was one of his favorites, and also playing with friends.” Yeikco captain of Cold Hearts quotes “ Having fun and having a good time with friends is a great experience.” Another girls basketball player Jill Patel said “ Getting to do something else as an after school activity is fun and seeing friends.”

For the past few weeks the boys have been battling it out in the playoffs. The first games were the Cold Hearts playing the Dragons. That game ended in a win for the Dragons. Next was the Hogs vs Whoppers, that game was a Hogs victory. Next the Dragons played the Bulldogs that had a bye because they were the 1st seed. That game ended in a buzzer beater from Alan Monzo. Next the second seed Bombers played the Hog and the Bombers won. The final game of the season ended in a 10-6 victory for the Bombers over the Bulldogs.The games were very competitive!

As a captain I felt like my team had a great season. After School basketball was my favorite thing about school this year. My team was very strong together on and off the court. We had a little struggle in the playoffs but we pulled through. My favorite thing was doing something I loved in school. I think you should sign up for after school when you get to 5th grade.

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Harker 5th Graders Present ”Broadway Revue”

BY: Macklin Gregory and Luka feliz

The recent drama club play has left us in awe. We look forward to seeing more from these talented young kids. .

First of all, the whole entire play was created by the children. Mrs. Dougherty said, “They all decided their own roles together and made compromises.” She said she wanted this year to be really student centered and created and expressed by the kids. We also learned that she really liked the kids in different roles. During this whole process, she was looking for character development and supporting each other even when they messed up.

You may be wondering how everyone was so composed during the performance. They practice a lot and even performed in front of comet care. They all used different methods to memorize their lines. All the students were nervous at first, but as they did it more often and as time went on those nerves disappeared.

Philadelphia Rebel's Hockey Team Visit Harker for Read Across America Day

By Matthew Dafick

6 players from the Philadelphia Rebels came to the Harker school for the first time! The players read books to the students in honor of Read Across America week. The Rebels play in the N.A.H.L. (The North America Hockey League). There are 29 teams in the league. The team recently moved from Jamestown N.Y. to Philadelphia P.A. and is planning to stay. This was the first time the team has gone to a school to read. This was a community service project to spread awareness about hockey and their team. The players are all working towards Division One Scholarships.

Students sharing KINDNESS through "Lucky Grams"

By: James Shoemaker

Lucky grams are a nice way to tell someone how good of a friend you think they are and how lucky you are to have them as a friend. They are $0.50 with a max of 4 per customer. On March 8th student leaders will be knocking on the fifth grade classes doors. Student leaders will do fourth on March 10th. On March 13th student leaders will come to 3rd grade doors to sell. If you forget money on your day then come to the school store on March 15th. 3rd comes at 2:15, 4th comes at 2:30, and 5th grade comes at 2:40. If you get any lucky grams, student leaders will deliver them as soon as possible. One of the biggest rules to remember is that you can’t buy a lucky gram for yourself.

Perfect Planting: Butterfly Blog

By: Hudson W, Macklin G, Luka F, and Alan M.

Have you ever wondered how many pollinator plants there are in the world? Well surprisingly there are about 175,000 pollinator plants. There are many different pollinator plants, but only a few are cherished by Monarch butterflies. Most of the plants these Monarchs can eat are being harmed by pesticides which are fatal to these beautiful butterflies. As an example, many people put harmful chemicals in their plants without realizing that these plants are pollinators, harming the plants and the animals that needs these pollinators to survive.

Here are some examples of plants and their importance to Monarch butterflies.

  • Milkweed: is where Monarchs lay their eggs and it is the only plant that the caterpillars feasts on.

  • Bee Balm: attracts the Monarch butterflies, it is the second choice for the Monarch butterflies behind Milkweed and treating it with pesticides are getting rid of a big part of the butterflies’ food chain.

  • Butterfly Bush: grows really fast and flowers quickly.

  • Calendula: Is a pollinator that helps Monarchs spread pollen.

  • Cosmos: has bright colors that attract Monarchs.

  • Daylily: Very easy to get pollen and nectar from the flower

  • Delphinium: Easily grown from seed, but needs protection from the wind

  • Aster: is a pollinator that can grow from 1 to 6 feet

  • Alyssum: Has a honey- like smell that a lot of insects like including butterflies like Monarchs.

Moving forward we have native plants that contribute to Monarchs. You can find them all across New Jersey and you might find a butterfly too. Pink tickseeds are native to New Jersey and are a mounded plant, they grow up to 1-2 feet tall and twice as wide. Another native pollinator is called Mistflower and the pink color attracts Monarch butterflies, as well as growing up to 3 feet. Purple Cone flowers are also included in the Native plants and grow up to 1 foot. They have a color just like the Cosmos plants that attract the Monarchs.

Annual vs Perennial? Most plants that Monarch butterflies pollinate off of are annual, but milkweed is the most important to monarch butterflies and they are perennial. Perennial plants like milkweed, cost more than annual, but if you put time, water, and planting into the perennial plants, it won't be much work by next sprouting season. Who knows, maybe by next time it won't be as long as you think, and when they're fully grown you’ll see some Monarch butterflies in your garden.

Every year, once they know they can go to your garden,, they’ll keep coming back every season, once they feel safe enough they will lay eggs in your garden on your grown milkweed and you will have new baby monarch caterpillars.