Smith Class Newsletter

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In the Wednesday Folder tomorrow, you will find information regarding the Parent Visitation Days. All are welcome to join us on Tuesday, October 6th, if you are available. The students will be teaching any guests how to play some of our new math games! Unfortunately, third grade will not be participating in the visitation day on Thursday, October 8th since it is our field trip.


Reading / Language Arts

Story: Kumak's Fish (starting on Thursday)

-Comprehension Skill: Sequence (events in order)

-Vocabulary Skill: unknown words / using dictionary skills

-Phonics Skill: base words and endings -ed, -ing, -er, -est

-Grammar Skill: Declarative and Interrogative sentences

-Reader's Good Habit of the week: Visualizing

-Daily fluency practice

Writing: Narrative stories


Unit 1: Math Tools, Time and Multiplication

-Exploring mass

-Measuring mass

-equaling sharing and equaling grouping

-Review for Unit 1 test

*Unit 1 test will be on Wednesday 10/7/15. A review will be coming home this Friday to help explain the skills that will be assessed.

Multplication fluency practice - 2 X facts (in your child's binder)

Social Studies

Native American of the Eastern Woodlands

What groups of people lived in the Eastern Woodlands area>

*Social Studies Quiz will be on Friday 10/2/15. An information sheet will come home tomorrow to help your child prepare.


-Field trip is on Thursday, October 8th

-Picture Day is October 15th

-Harlem Wizards Game is on October 18th

-Fall Festival is on Friday, October 30th (time and more information to come)