Sanford nov 15


Upcoming Events

Nov 20 Student Dress as your career day

Nov 21 Secret Pal reveal (after school in library)

Nov 22 Student and staff College Spirit Day (also known as Virginia Tech day)

Nov 21 5th grade performance and PTA 6pm

Nov 26 Costco Chicken Salad Lunch for staff (sponsored by office and PTA)

Nov 27-29 Thanksgiving Break

Dec 2 K-1 Reading walkthrough

Dec 6 Interim 2 ends

Dec 11 Interims issued

Dec 12 Lead Team Meeting

Dec 20 Begin Winter Break

Jan 2, 2014 Return to school

Word Analysis SOL Strand in Grades 3-5

Thanks to Catherine for presenting the modules this week. One thing I learned was related to word analysis questions on the SOL. Please make sure you are teaching these skills to your students and providing opportunities for independent application. These word analysis activities should be reflected in your independent reading plan. I look forward to seeing these tasks in your classroom.

To ponder: Reading text on computer

Teachers, are you providing time for your students to read text on a computer?Are you tapping into the smartboard as a place for students to go to and read?

In addition to having opportunities to read and comprehend written material electronically, there are important skills related to scrolling, highlighting, going back into text, etc that we need to provide exposure to for our students.

To ponder: Maximizing time on task

You have been observed during reading and writing. You have been observed during math. What would your observation look like during student arrival or student dismissal? What are the students doing? How are you maximizing every moment of instructional time? I look forward to observing this and sharing the highlights.

Sights from the building

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There is reading going on during indep time with buddy reading; matching first grade A/B and B/S