News from Room 120

Mrs. Roman's First Grade Class

September 23, 2014

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No Excuse Words

Instead of adding new words, we are going to continue practicing words from the past two weeks. These words are now "no excuse" words and must be spelled correctly each time we write them. The words we've been practicing are:

1. are

2. but

3. come

4. for

5. has

6. I

7. of

8. is

9. you

10. that


We had such a wonderful time at Tiger Trek! If you have not had a chance to send in your donation, we will happily still accept them! This is our only fundraiser for the year and the money goes right back to our students in the form of field trips, special activities, and supplies. Thank you!

Scholastic Books

Our class code is GZYGP. You can order online anytime. Orders for September are due Friday, September 26th.We are close to our goal of $300 for September! If we get to our goal, each student will be able to pick a book from an upcoming order.

Link to Scholastic Reading Clubs:

Did you know that Scholastic has a feature called Book Wizard? You can filter book titles by reading level! First graders generally enter at a DRA 4/6 and the expectation at the end of first grade is a DRA 18. Want to see what these levels look like?

Link to Scholastic Book Wizard Levels 6-18:

A Look Inside Our Room...

The following charts are a snapshot of what we are working on in our classroom. They are a great resource for you to use as discussion starters with your child! These charts are so important that I've decided to keep them in this week's newsletter. :)

Myers Refrigerator News: September

Click the link below for information on medication administration, attendance reminders, Tiger Trek, P.T.O., and more!