Marine biologist

Amanda J

Job Description

- running school projects

- training courses

- marine biological research

- performing experiments

- running tests

- recording results

- working in a laboratory

- working on a ship at sea


Some people have a degree and others have on the job training.


Enviorment Relationship

A marine biologist helps with the environment by helping out and studying the animals and the sea life underwater.


The median salary is $54,070.


You can travel around the world, and you can be in the water.


Equipment breaks, weather, working conditions, irregular hours, and on a ship.

Interesting Facts

-Jobs in this field are hard to get because they are competitive.

- A lot of these jobs you have to write a grant proposal which means you have to write to the government and request payment.

- Marine biologist study every species found in water from the smallest plankton to the largest mammal.