Mountain View High School

September 22, 2020

Welcome to Mountain View High School. Home of the Mountain Lion. Our motto is: PRIDE!

Be Present
Show Respect
Get Involved
Honor Diversity
Give Effort

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1. Your child will want to talk to teachers or counselors for one-on-one help. If you have not done this, please give permission for this on this EASY FORM!

2. We are excited to welcome students back for the second quarter. We are just starting to invite small groups into the building and, to do so, we need your approval on the Infinite Campus acknowledgment. This will be used BOTH for small group work and for quarter two return to the building. The directions to do this are here.

SAT Testing on September 23, 2020

Hello to the seniors who have opted to take the SAT this year!

We are scheduled to administer the SAT on Wednesday, September 23 with an arrival time of 8:00. Please note, because of the unique situation this year, there are additional safety protocols that MUST be followed. Please read through the following very carefully, and be prepared to follow instructions:

  • Before entering the building, each student MUST

    • have school ID

    • be wearing a mask

    • not have their cell phone on their person (unless prior arrangements have been made for medical reasons). Cell phones must be left at home or in the car.

    • not have a backpack

    • Have 2 #2 pencils and a calculator. Check here to see which calculators are allowed.

    • A water bottle; most water stations are not currently available in the building.

    • If you are unable to provide any of the supplies above, please contact me ASAP (and not the day of testing) by responding to this email, please. With advance notice, we will be able to help.

  • It is STRONGLY recommended to have some light snacks for scheduled breaks.

  • Additional information:

    • There will be a minimum of 6 foot distancing between test takers.

    • Social Distancing must be practiced at all times. 6 foot minimum

    • Failure to comply could result in prompt removal from the test

Thank you in advance for helping us to comply with these important safety protocols and procedures. We look forward to a successful testing administration! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Each week we will be spotlighting staff at Mountain View. This week we will introduce Administration and Office Staff.

Jane Harmon - Principal

Mrs. Harmon is honored to be the PRINCIPAL OF MOUNTAIN VIEW HIGH SCHOOL. This is Ms. Harmon's 4th year at MVHS.

Mrs. Harmon has an amazing staff that are dedicated to help you with your needs. Please know that if you haven't gotten your questions answered after accessing other staff you may contact her for help. She is working hard to make sure the 2020-2021school year is an educational, social and memorable experience at Mountain View High School.

What she likes best about MVHS is the can-do positivity of our teachers and staff, and the opportunity to see our students in-person on October 26th!

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Lauren Anderson - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Ms. Anderson is one of our Assistant Principals located in Never Summer. This is her first year at Mountain View High School. Ms. Anderson can help with any questions regarding athletics, activities or clubs as well as support for students grades 10-12 last names A-J. She can also help staff or students learn to line dance, but that's not in here job description.

Ms. Anderson loves the people at MVHS. Everyone she gets to work with is awesome.

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Nathan Gurrini ~ Assistant Principal

Mr. Gurrini is one of our Assistant Principals located in Mummy Range. This will be his 8th year at Mountain View High School.

Mr. Gurrini will be working with 10th through 12th grade students with the last names K-Z. He will be working with assessments so if you have any questions about the SAT/PSAT or AP courses and exams, please feel free to contact me.

Mr. Gurrini loves the daily interactions with the students and staff at Mountain View High School. MVHS has a family feel to it and because of that he continues to enjoy working here.

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Donald Kotnik - Assistant Principal

Mr. Kotnik is one of our Assistant Principals located in Indian Peaks. He can help all freshmen students and their families with any needs they have. This includes academic or social-emotional concerns or just general information, inquiries or questions. For staff I can help them with the master schedule, student interventions, lesson planning, and professional development needs. One of my biggest responsibilities is the Freshman Academy Program and the Freshman Seminar course. It is designed to help students successfully transition to high school, gain a sense of belonging at MVHS, build relationships with their peers and trusted adults and be on track to graduate on time.

Mr. Kotnik has been at Mountain View High School for 3 years. His favorite part of MVHS is our dedicated teachers and staff who will do anything for their students. I'm pumped for our Freshman Seminar course and meeting a new batch of 9th grade students.

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Rachel Bair - Attendance Clerk

Ms. Bair is new to Mountain View High School this year. She is our attendance clerk. She will be able to help you with anything attendance related.

Ms. Bair is excited to have kids back in the building, starting my first year in a school with only staff is goofy.

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Marty Barton - Secretary

Marty Barton is a secretary in the Indian Peaks Center. Ms. Barton helps students and staff with making appointments with administrators, counselors, find information, classrooms, schedules, communicate with parents, Freshman Academy and Awards Ceremonies.

Ms. Barton loves working with the staff an students. They are the Best!!

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Dawn Dennis - School Nurse

This is Mrs. Dennis' 8th year at Mountain View High School. She is located in the health office Room D106.

She is so excited to see students in person in the building and looking forward to assisting them in staying healthy and having a fun and meaningful year at Mountain View.

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Deb Dillon - Campus Monitor Security

Deb Dillon is assigned to Mountain View by District Security. She is located in the Media Center, Room D118. Deb joined Mountain View High School in February 2020. Deb's primary responsibility is security of the building, but she also a safe space to talk, networking, helping you find something and being there for you.
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Serenity Griffith - Secretary

Serenity Griffith is a secretary in the Mummy Range Center (upstairs near the teal lockers). Mrs. Griffith can help students make appointments with counselors, access college visits and Sources of Strength. She is makes sure that classes are covered by substitutes and teachers when teachers are absent. She is happy to help staff and students in any way she can.

This is Mrs. Griffith 7th year at Mountain View High School. She is very excited to have students start coming back into the building. It's just not the same without them here.

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Suzy Hass - Principal/Building Secretary

Mrs. Hass is located in the front office room C106. This is her 8th year as the principal/building secretary.

Mrs. Hass can help you with almost any question that you have and is more than willing to help you find answers. She helps to make the school run as smoothly as possible. She is happy to help students, staff and parents in any way she can.

She loves the amazing students, staff and parents that she gets to work with and can't wait to see all the faces of students again.

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Angie Lanting - Registrar

Ms. Lanting is located in Rabbit Ears. She is responsible for student records. She is happy to answer any questions that you may have.

This is Ms. Lanting's 8th year at Mountain View High School.

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Officer Jay Smith - School Resource Officer

This is Officer Smith's first year and he is located on the main level by the media center.

He is excited to be part of the MVHS family and getting to know the students and the staff.

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Chelsey Stine - Bookkeeper

Mrs. Stine is the bookkeeper located in the main office. This is her 4th year at Mountain View High School.

She is in charge of students fees as well as managing school budgets.

Mrs. Stine loves the staff and students at MVHS. She is excited to finally get to see everyone this year.

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Mae Svendsen - Athletic Assistant/Counseling Assistant/Never Summer Office Lady

Mrs. Svendsen is located in Never Summer - E209 (2nd floor, blue lockers)

She can help you with anything to do with athletics/activities at Mountain View HS, transportation for athletic events/field trips, coordinate an appointment with Ms Ramos/Ms Hillig, and I'm glad to assist you and provide answers to your questions.

This is her 9th year at MVHS and 13th year in TSD.

Every year at MVHS is different and this year will bring the most change for everyone. Here are a few things that I'm excited about this school year:

  • Welcoming our new Athletic Director, Lauren Anderson
  • Working with the best staff/coaches - TSD athletics and MVHS
  • Having sports even though our athletic calendar/seasons look a bit different
  • Our brand new district online athletic registration program - Planet HS
  • MVHS Athletic Website ( - everyone needs to bookmark this as a "go to" for athletic schedules, contacts, and more

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Parent Teacher Conferences

Like everything else, Parent Teacher Conferences will look a little different this year.

Parent Teacher Conference will be held by phone or google meets by signing up for bookable appointments on:

  • Monday, September 28th from 4:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Thursday, November 12th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
  • Thursday, December 3rd from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Your student's teacher will be sharing the calendar link to book appointments. Watch for this in teachers weekly newsletters.


Mountain View High School will be closed on Friday, October 16, 2020.


If you would like to order student's school pictures, online order code ended two days after our last picture date. We received proof sheets that have a specific online order code on it that is specific to your child that was photographed. You can order with this online code through June 15, 2021 and your order will ship directly to their home.

Please contact Suzy Hass at (970) 613-7802 or to make arrangements to pick up your proof sheets.

MVMA Needs Your Fundraising Help!

Do you have a student in the MVHS band, choir, orchestra, theatre, or arts programs? Mountain
View Music & Arts needs your fundraising help! Please consider participating in our EASY
ongoing fundraisers.
1. King Soopers Community Rewards: Link your King Soopers shopping card (the one you
use to get store discounts and sale prices) to designate Mountain View Music & Arts as your
charitable organization. King Soopers donates to charitable organizations based on the number
of participants per organization and the amount they spend (it’s no longer a flat 5%) -- so the
more parents (and students!) who link their King Soopers shopping cards to MVMA, the more
we will earn! Get started here:
(MVMA's organization # is: SB623)
2. AmazonSmile: Link your Amazon account to designate Mountain View Music & Arts as your
charitable organization, and Amazon will donate a percentage of what you spend. Get started
here: (MVMA’s organization # is 26-4794988) You can also use
AmazonSmile on your phone -- just enable it in your Amazon app settings.
3. ShopWithScrip: Sign up for the ShopWithScrip program and install the RaiseRight app on
your phone. Before you shop, purchase e-gift cards to spend at the retailer of your choice (750+
retailers are available!). You can also purchase actual gift cards to give as gifts -- perfect for the
upcoming holiday season! MVMA will earn a percentage of what you spend, which varies by
retailer. Get started here: (MVMA’s enrollment code is
For more information about MVMA, including fundraising, volunteering, and upcoming events, go to

Returning to in Person Letter Acknowledgement Video for families

InPerson Acknowledgement Form Tutorial (1)
Acuerdo para el aprendizaje en persona.mp4


Good Morning, Thompson Community:

Last month, following the guidance of Larimer County Department of Health and Environment officials, the decision was made to delay the return to in-person instruction in Thompson School District schools through at least Friday, October 16. The decision was made based on the need by county officials to have a much shorter turnaround time in COVID-19 testing results. Recently, Larimer County health officials announced that in coordination with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, local COVID-19 tests are now being sent directly to a laboratory with the capacity to return results within 48 hours of receiving them.

Due to this latest announcement and after careful evaluation, a decision has been made to return to in-person instruction in a staggered fashion beginning on Monday, September 28. This procedure will allow the district to start bringing students back into school buildings in a structured manner, while ensuring that it is done in a safe way that helps students and families adjust to the new schedule. Please note that this process will not impact students who are enrolled in Thompson Connect Online, the district’s full on-line educational model.

Please look at the section below called "What's the Schedule for Returning to In-Person Learning" for more information.


The district’s rationale for an earlier return to in-person instruction is as follows:

  • Critical local COVID-19 metrics have now shifted. The testing turnaround time has hit the marker that was established by county health officials. In addition, the overall positivity rate remains fairly low and the overall case count in Larimer County is also relatively small.

  • School districts that have opened to in-person learning seem to be navigating successfully overall at this time, with limited outbreaks and largely successful containment measures.

  • As this year’s cold and flu season approaches, there is a probability that COVID-19 and flu cases will spike. By returning to in-person learning as soon as possible, we will be able to take advantage of the relatively low case count that is currently here.

  • Students learn best when they are in schools, working with staff in-person. Utilizing a staggered schedule will allow our students an opportunity to become better acclimated to the campus environment.


THIS WEEK and NEXT WEEK (September 14-September 25)-

Small groups of students have returned to school, including some groups at high school and groups of students in special education.

WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT? (September 28-October 2)-

Elementary: In-Person Return for K-1 and Continued Remote Learning for Grades 2-5

Middle School: Continue Remote Learning

High School: Continue Remote Learning. In-Person Return for Small Groups*

Please look for communication from your child's school today with more information about specifics (including how middle and high school families can find groups A and B in Infinite Campus).

* Small Groups' criteria (but not limited to this): At-risk populations of students (based on grades, attendance and behavior); students who have the following plans: on 504s, IEPs, ELD; other students selected by teachers; students who do not have access to the Internet; classes that have science labs; classes that need primarily hands-on learning tasks (for example, but not limited to, small group counseling, Career and Tech Ed and other experiences that can't be done authentically using a virtual platform).

Click here for the full schedule for returning to in-person learning.


Here are some of the main requirements designed to keep students and staff safe:

  • Masks or face coverings are required for all staff and students. If outside and physically distanced by 6 feet or more, or in a room by yourself, masks can be removed.
  • Physical distancing will be implemented to the fullest extent possible. Physical distancing may look different between buildings and classrooms due to the uniqueness of spaces and infrastructure.
  • When students arrive for school, they should follow all physical distancing and mask requirements. They will enter the building when directed by staff.
  • Students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles. Drinking fountains will be shut off, but bottle-filling stations will be open where available.

Prior to students returning for in-person learning, parents will be required to sign an In-Person Learning Acknowledgement Form, which confirms the student will adhere to all safety guidelines included in our Return to Learn plan.

This also includes the acknowledgement that guardians will symptom and temperature check their students at home prior to coming to school.

You will receive additional information about this electronic signature required for all families, which will be in Infinite Campus.

In-Person Learning Acknowledgement

Prior to students returning for in-person learning, parents will be required to complete an In-Person Learning Acknowledgement Form, which confirms the student will adhere to all safety guidelines included in this document. This also includes the acknowledgement that guardians will symptom and temperature check their students at home prior to coming to school.

The form is in Parent Portal and instructions for families are in PDF form below or you can use this link

Reminder this is for families that have students currently In Person Remote Learning, this will not need to be completed for TCO students learning remotely.

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Thompson School District has partnered with One2One Risk Solutions to provide optional accident and loss protection insurance for families for our district Chromebooks. Registering with One2One and purchasing a damage waiver will protect families from the full cost of repair or replacement for your district-issued device and limits your responsibility to a per-occurrence deductible (see below).

The protection plan cost is $15 per device and covers the device through the end of the school year against accidental damage, cracked screens, fire, liquid damage, electrical surge and loss/theft (a loss/theft claim requires a police report for coverage). First incident has a zero deductible, second claim on the same device will be a $25 deductible, and the third claim will be a $50 deductible. A loss/theft claim without a police report will require the replacement cost of the device (this varies depending on the make/model of the device). If families want to take advantage of this optional insurance, please visit and select “Enroll My Device” to get started. Open enrollment ends on September 30th so don't delay. Again, this is optional. Families are not required to get this insurance. This is only for Chromebooks, we have a 3-year warranty on iPad damage if it happens in its case, but no loss protection for iPads.

Self Service - Technical Support Guides for Student Devices

The following one-page guides were e-mailed directly to all students on September 6th. The purpose of these guides is to provide methods for students and families to fix minor technical issues on a student device checked out to them by their school or the district. Please click on the appropriate guide below if you have a TSD student device.

Technology Community Forum

Thompson School District will present a Technology Community Forum for Families on Thursday, September 24th from 6:30-7:30 pm. Comments and questions are being collected in advance using the online form at This form will also be open during the forum. You can view the forum at the TSD Youtube channel at


  • Introduction to TSD Technology for Students
  • Common Issues of Chromebooks and iPads
  • Learning Management Systems and Securly Classroom
  • iPad Management with JAMF School
  • FuelEd and Buzz
  • Media Services
  • Infinite Campus and Parent Portal
  • Information Security on TSD Networks and at Home
  • Q&A Facilitation
  • Tech Support Info and Closing

Student Announcements

If you would like to review Announcements sent to students, please visit our website Mountain View High School Website. We will post all Announcements and Newsletters under the Announcements Heading.


This FORM will give consent for MVHS educators to work with your child in a 1-1 format on Google Meet. For example, if your child needs individual tutoring or wants to meet with his/her counselor to discuss schedule, he/she may not do so 1-on-1 without this permission form submitted by a parent. To make your life easier by not signing an individual form for EVERY teacher or counselor whom your child may want to work with, this form covers all staff,

Tutoring Excellence of Loveland

Tutoring Excellence of Loveland, as well as our Longmont and Fort Collins locations, are all running free SAT/ACT practice tests with score breakdowns and recommendations for studying throughout the semester. I wanted to email you this file with our scheduled times for the free tests and to please ask you to let any students who might benefit from the practice know about it. They would need to call, text, or email the center to reserve a slot since we are limiting capacity due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Longmont: (720) 613-8090

Loveland (970) 829-0876

Fort Collins: (970) 829-0866

College Funding Coach

The College Funding Coach is doing a virtual meeting for MVHS families on Thursday October 1, 7:30-8:45pm!
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Waiver for the Summer Food Service Program

The U.S. Department of Agriculture extended the waiver for the Summer Food Service Program through as late as December 31, 2020. This waiver allows Thompson School District Nutrition Services to offer meals to ALL children 18 months - 18 years old AT NO CHARGE!

Since this is temporary, Nutrition Services encourages ALL families to apply for meal benefits. Apply online at: or email for more information.


Pickup for FoodPaks during remote learning time will be every Friday from 11am-1:30pm at Mountain View High school or one of the other locations listed below. Stop by the location most convenient for you and ask for a KidsPak weekend foodpak (no sign up necessary). Students you can pick a paks up for yourself, or parents may pick up with their student in the vehicle.

Mountain View High School 3500 Mountain Lion Dr Loveland, CO

Bill Reed Middle School 370 W 4th St. Loveland, CO

Berthoud High School 850 Spartan Ave Berthoud, CO

Sarah Milner Elementary 743 Jocelyn Dr Loveland, CO

Conrad Ball Middle School 2660 N Monroe Ave Loveland, CO

Laurene Edmonson Elementary 307 W 49th St Loveland, CO

BF Kitchen 915 Deborah Dr Loveland, CO

Winona Elementary 201 S Boise Ave Loveland, CO

Lucile Erwin Middle School 4700 Lucerne Ave Loveland, CO

Cottonwood Plains Elementary 525 Turman Dr Fort Collins, CO

Lincoln Elementary 3312 N Douglas Ave Loveland, CO

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Transportation Services Update

To maximize student ridership, families will be required to apply for transportation services. The application process will be open to all eligible elementary, middle school and high school families. Please click HERE to view Thompson School District’s applicable policy, which contains detailed eligibility information.

In order to uphold safety guidelines, transportation services for all eligible high school students will be approved using a space-available application process. Services will be assigned by available space per route and availability may vary. Priority for high school transportation will be assigned to freshman and sophomore students. Please submit an application for each eligible student in your household to request transportation services. Transportation applications can be found HERE.

Transportation will be provided for qualified students with disabilities who have special transportation designated on their IEP or 504 plan, as well as students who qualify for applicable services under the McKinney-Vento Act or our English Language Development program. All transportation service options are subject to change in order to uphold safety guidelines.

Transportation has begun notifying families when their student has been approved for transportation services. If you have any questions, please contact the Transportation Department at

Keep in mind we are processing applications in the order they are received.

Helping Your Child Save a Life

How would you respond if your child told you their friend might be thinking about suicide? Join the SOS Signs of Suicide team on World Suicide Prevention Day to learn about parents' important role in youth suicide prevention.

This 30-minute webinar for middle school and high school parents will educate on the risk factors and warning signs of depression and suicide and how to ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) if you are concerned about a young person in your life. The webinar will also discuss the SOS program and the basics of school-based suicide prevention. At the end, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions during a Q&A session.

The webinar will be hosted on the following dates and times. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

Sep 10, 2020 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM (Mountain Time)

Sep 23, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM (Mountain Time)

Free Local Childcare Find Portal through Larimer Childcare Connect

Early Childhood Council of Larimer County has officially launched a free local child care and school-age referral portal, which can be found at

Larimer Child Care Connect will provide real-time connections for families to access open child care spots in our County. The website is available in English and Spanish. Providers are prompted weekly to keep their availability open, and families can search for care based on location, cost, commute, etc.

Day Center Program: Family Promise of Larimer County

Day Center Program for families providing computer access, showers, laundry, toys, and resources.

Monday-Wednesday 9am-3pm. Appointment only. Call 970-663-1716 to leave a message.
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Temporary Shelter Program

Temporary Shelter Program for families experiencing homelessness. Providing shelter, food, and resources.

Call Monday-Thursday 9am-4pm for pre-screening qualification: 970-663-1716
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Top 3 Resources for Families Experiencing Homelessness & Seeking Housing

1. One Community One Family

2. Loveland Housing Authority

3. Apply to join the waitlist for Section 8 Housing Vouchers

Free Enrollment Help for Health Care Coverage

Larimer Health Connect in a local effort to help individuals and families in the community understand and participate in new health insurance coverage options.

Provides information and services that help customers complete the application process to purchase health insurance through Connect for Health Colorado. Educates customers on how to prioritize, filter and sort their options to meet needs.

Provides help with costs by going over the financial assistance options that are available, including tax credits and cost-sharing programs. Also helps to determine if individuals and families qualify for health insurance coverage from Health First Colorado (Medicaid) or CHP+ and help apply for those programs.

To make an appointment with a Health Coverage Guide, call 970-472-0444. No walk in appointments available at this time.

Family Dental Clinic: Free and low-cost dental care for individuals without dental insurance

The Health District Family Dental Clinic in Fort Collins provides quality free and low-cost dental care to people in northern Larimer County who do not have dental insurance. Also takes Medicaid and CHP+ and offers low sliding fees to those who qualify.

Dental exams & checkups
Children’s dentistry
Crown & bridges
Dental emergencies
Root canals
Tooth extractions
Affordable dentures (full & partial)
Implant crowns

Open Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Call 970-416-5331 to determine eligibility
Or visit website for more information

Prescription Medication Assistance

The Prescription Assistance program helps people with limited incomes fill prescriptions through vouchers and applications to drug company programs.

Offering two types of assistance:

Vouchers — We work with local pharmacies to help you buy medicine using vouchers. You pay part of the cost. The number of vouchers per month is limited. Each voucher is good for a one-month supply of one medication. If you need additional vouchers, you must request a voucher from us every month before going to the pharmacy.

Patient Assistance Programs — Some drug manufacturers provide free or low-cost medications. We help people apply for these programs but the manufacturer decides who qualifies. Approval usually takes four to six weeks. Medications are usually sent to the prescribing doctor in a three-month supply. Re-application is required every two to three months.

Open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Wednesday, 1 - 5 p.m.

Call the Prescription Assistance office at 970-416-6519 to schedule a preliminary eligibility screening.

Basic Needs & Emergency Need Services: House of Neighborly Services

House of Neighborly Service offering life-stabilizing emergency and basic need services.
Services considered on a case by case basis and eligibility is determined by HNS guidelines and based on availability of funds and resources. For questions, call 970.667.4939 (Loveland) or 970.532.0161 (Berthoud).

Food baskets: a week’s supply of groceries based on family size
Utility assistance
Prescription assistance
Gas vouchers and bus tokens for medical or job related appointments (must be able to confirm)
Clothing & Household needs: clean, gently used and seasonal clothing and shoes, bedding and small household items

Also provides services to help support the whole person in their time of need including:
Holiday programs
Educational programs on finances, parenting skills, cooking skills
Shelter programs
Advocacy and navigation assistance
Special programs for children: Back-to-school event, birthday closet, Christmas store

For more information visit


Please feel free to click these links for more information about Return to Learn in Thompson School District. You can also visit the Thompson Educational Expectations webpage to understand how we're thinking about education in an online setting.

Please review any past newsletters here:

August 19

August 25

August 31

September 15

If we didn't answer your question here, please feel free to contact any of us here at MVHS to help!

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