Kitten's First Full Moon

by: Emilia Minton

Hello i'm Emilia my book is called a Kittens First Full Moon. This story is about a little kitten thats sees her first full moon it is by Kevin Henkes. This kitten loves milk so she goes on a adventure to get the bowl of milk (aka a moon). If you want to find more about the author go here. I think Kevin Henkes purpose was to teach a lesson to children if you don't know what something is don't mess with it.

Five interesting facts about him are he has been writing for 30 years, he went to the university of Wisconsin Madison, he was born November 27, 1960, He won the Caldecott award and the Newberry award. The kittens first full moon won the award because it had a great story line and pictures so basicly it won because of the criteria. One book that is really similar is Owl Moon. It is similar because they both have animals and have wonderful pictures. In Owl Moon the daughter also learns a lesson like the kitten did. The two books also have a lot of funny moments and family. Now i'm going to tell you the differences. In kittens first full moon there are no humans. But in owl moon the father teaches his daughter how to call a owl. But over all the Kittens first Full moon is great you should read it to.