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November 2021

Principal's Pen

Fall is upon us things are busy as always. As the first term comes to an end we are wrapping up the first part of our year. Over the next while we will get a chance to see where our students our at, and make adjustments to help them do their best throughout the rest of the year. Academically this first part of the year gives us a glimpse of the strengths and needs of the kids, and work as a team with staff and parents to give everyone the best possible opportunity to succeed. Along with all of this, we need commitment from the students to want to do what is necessary to succeed. It takes a village to raise a child, and while this is true there are some things we can’t do for them. It is up to all of us to show them how important a strong work ethic is, and the impact of an education that can help to give options for a future of their choosing.

Along with the academic, we see some of our extracurricular opportunities change. With last year being what it was, it is exciting to see students involved in all of the sports and spirit days that we were missing out on. There is a direct connection to involvement and academic success. Those who put themselves out there and experience the pressures involved in performing in front of others whether that is on a court or a stage, have the experience to perform under pressure in other areas of their life. I have watched our staff put the time in to give these opportunities to our students. So often we are busy expecting it from a school that has done it for so long, that we forget to appreciate it. Always remember that these things don’t just happen, it takes people not just coaching, but running canteens, setting up gyms, organizing the spirit days, running fundraisers, creating schedules, and often just spending time with kids after hours because they just need someone to talk to. It sometimes takes losing these things for a while to realize what and who it takes to make it all happen.

Thank you to all who make our school what it is, staff, students, parents, and community. It takes everyone to make a year successful and while we may not always agree on everything, I have yet to see anyone in our community want to see a student fail, either in school or in life. More than that, we have a community that doesn’t just want students to succeed, but are willing to step up when asked to make it happen.

Greg Knot


Thank you to...

  • Glaslyn Agencies for purchasing milk for all students!
  • Medstead Community Playschool for donating art supplies for Pre K and a monetary donation to our playground fundraiser
  • Community Auction Sale Kitchen proceeds that went to our playground fundraiser
  • The friends and family of Gerry Boyd who in leu of flowers, donated to the playground fundraiser. Gerry will be greatly missed in our community.
  • The exciting cake auction that raised over $1000 for the music fundraiser - thank you to everyone who bid and purchased cake
  • Phil Pauls for donating sand for the school playground and Murray Short for delivery and levelling

November Birthdays


Raya ~ Lukas ~ Kaleb ~ Nelson ~ Jennaya ~ Skye ~ Colsin

Drayce ~ Josie ~ Ronnie ~ Jayden ~ Haven ~ Tori ~ Owen


Miss. Benson

Chase the Ace is on again! Playground Fundraiser

Tickets can be purchased at these locations:

Innovation Credit Union - Medstead

Medstead Hometown Grocery

Ubettcha's Tavern

G-Mac's AgTeam


Glaslyn Agencies

The Liquor Nook

Rabbit Lake Hotel

Medstead Central School

$5 per ticket with a GAURANTEE of $500 progressive pot

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Cross Country Running

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Lakeland Library News

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Fridays 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Librarian: Alison Fonos 306-342-4988

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November 2021 Calendar

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