Father/Daughter Dance Videos

Practice Videos for Sondance Studios Older Daughter Group

Dress Rehearsal 6/2/15

Father Daughter Dance Dress Rehearsal (older daughter group)

Week 6 Practice Video from 5/1/15

Dad-Daughter 5-1-15

Week 5 Practice Video from 4/24/15

Dance Sequence from 4/24/15

Week 4 Practice Videos from 4/10/15

Complete Dance Sequence to Date
New Instruction
New Instruction
New Instruction

Week 3 Practice Video from 3/20/15

Father-Daughter Dance Class Practice Video

Week 2 Practice Video from 3/6/15

Below you will find the practice video from last week. Please feel free to bookmark this page and use it when you are rehearsing at home. If the content does not load within your email, simply open it in your web browser instead. If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to email me at jeremyholienarts@gmail.com

Jeremy (on behalf of Mariah)

Father/Daughter Dance (older daughters) 3/6/15