Mr. Posick's Friday email

June 12, 2015

The end of a school year

As I look back on the school year, I am proud of a number of things. I am proud of all of the relationships I have seen our staff develop with our students. I am proud of all of the learning I have witnessed. I am proud of the conversations I have overheard between students and staff and families. I am proud of the growth of our students academically and socially. I am proud of the caring and mature and hard-working group of 8th graders we will be sending off to high school. I am proud that you all have put your trust and faith in our ability at Merton to educate your children and to help them grow up to be productive and responsible citizens. I am proud to be the principal at Merton Intermediate School.

Staff pride

Last week, I asked the staff to email me a sentence or a few sentences to let me know what they were proud of this year. The proud moments came in quickly and I compiled them into a blog post. Here is the link in case you'd like to take a few moments to read what our staff is proud of this year.

What can be said about our retirees?

Today marks the end of four exceptional teaching careers. Ms. Tracey McGinnis, Mr. John Rheineck, Mrs. Beth Rosen, and Mrs. Barb Schiellack will complete their teaching careers at about 12:00 today. They have each touched and molded so many lives in their days in Merton and they will be missed. Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about the four of them that I would like to share with you.