"In the face of rebellion, stay strong."

Background and Personality

Merenptah took power in 1213 B.C. and left power in 1203 B.C. He took power at the age of 60 because Ramses the II had out lived 12 of his 13 kids, which is why Merenptah took the throne. His most known wife is his sister Istnotret and his son that took power after him Seti. He was described as strong willed, a good military leader, and as good of a leader as his dad Ramses the II.The most memerable thing about him was his great victory over the Libyrians.


His reign was ended in 1203 B.C. becasue of his old age. After he had died the throne was passed on to his first son Seti the II who helped Egypt to continue thriving.

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