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Sunday, May 15 2016

Important Reminders and Updates!

It's good to be back! The kids have been so sweet this past week and it's been wonderful to see their smiling faces every day.

1. This Wednesday, May 18th is a Late Start.

2. The Tigers Game for safety and service squad members is also this Wednesday, May 18th.

3. The Volunteer Breakfast is this Friday, May 20th.

4. NWEA Language Test is this Friday, May 20th.

Math - Unit 8: Measurement and Geometry

Topics we plan to cover this week include:

-Cubic units and volume

-Visualizing volume

-Volume formulas

-Relate length, area, and volume

**Please remember that topics are subject to change depending on the pace at which we master each new concept.

Reading- New Class Book Coming Soon!

Having just finished "Number the Stars", there is an interest in reading more historical fiction books. This week we will take a vote on which historical fiction book we'd like to read together, and then spend some time learning background information about the setting and time period for that book before we dive in.

Writing - Literary Essay

The kids have practiced identifying themes within different literature, and now it's time to start narrowing down and choosing a story to draft their literary essay with.

This week we will:

-Discuss possible literary essay topics

-Gather evidence from literature

-Use quotations properly

Words Their Way - Spelling

Continue working on your sorts!

Green - Sort #24

Blue - Sort #14

Pink - #14

Challenge Words:






Spelling packets and test will be Friday, May 20!