Christmas in The Dominican Republic

Compared to The United States and Canada

English songs and their Spanish counter parts.

*Los Tres Reyes/ We Three Kings

*El Niño del Tambor/ The Little Drummer Boy

*Los doce días de Navidad/ The 12 Days of Christmas

*Hoy en la tierra/ Angels We Have Heard on High

*¿Qué niño es éste?/ What Child Is This?

Different Christmas foods.

Puerco Asado (Roasted pork)

Pollo Asado o al horno ( roasted chicken of chicken cooked in the oven.)

Moros de Guandules (a combination of rice and peas.)

Ensalada Rusa ( salad made of potatoes and carrots with peas and boiled egg bound in mayonnaise)

Pasteles en hojas. (Tropical root vegetables tropical root vegetables cooked in banana or plantain.)

Pan Telera ( a very long, soft white bread with a crusty top.)

Pictures of festivities.

Christmas in Canada.

.Mummering is a tradition which mainly takes place in the province of Newfoundland, more commonly in small towns and villages rather than large towns and cities. It's also sometimes called 'Jannying'. People dress up in costumes and knock on someone's door and say in a disguised voice, "Are there any Mummers in the night?" or "Any mummers 'loud in?'", meaning 'are mummers allowed in the house?' Then they sing and dance and have Christmas cake and a cup of something nice before moving on to the next house. In some places, if the host does not guess who the Mummers are, the host must join the Mummers in their merry-making. Going Mummering is a fun Christmas season activity for adults. Mummers usually come out between December 26th and January 6th (The 12 Days of Christmas)