You Need This Job If You Want To See People Happy

This Job Is?

In This job you littrarly work to see people happy, healthy, and still brething. This job is called Certified Regesterd Nurse Anesthetist, (CRNA). In this line of work you keep people calm, happy, healthy, and mostly pain free. One thing I love about this job is you what you'll do most of the time is assist and keep people happy and calm. Not too minchine still breathing. You do this by monetering heart beat, blood gases, and other vital sings during surgury. Another thing you will do is comfurt children about to go into surgery. Then there are many more things you do such as put anestetien into a womans back while in lobor to keep them pain free, and many more things.

Give and Get

For this job there are many things you have to give to have this job but there are many things you get too. you have to have many digrees and lots of expirence in medical life you have to have seven years worth.