New cylinder computer holder!

By: Ginger Visser

This computer holder holds 32 Samsung chrome computers!!

This laptop has a cooling device, shelves, and a tube to string your chargers through.

What are the volumes of everything in the cylinder computer holder?


Each computer is .375 cubic feet. We needed it to hold 30+ computers. With the total volume of 11.25 cubic feet. for 30 computers.


The shelves have the dimensions of 3.14x1x1.5. With the total volume of 1.57 cubic feet. There are 8 shelves all together. With a total mass of 12.56 cubic feet.

Tube to string the chargers through.

The dimensions of the tube is 3.14x.2x.2x10. This is to hold the chargers so you can charge your computers while there safe and sound in the cylinder computer case.

Cooling system

The dimensions for the cooling system will be 3.14x1x1x2. This cooling system will cool down the computers so they will not over heat and not be an fire hazard.


All of these objects above will fit in the 31.4 cubic feet cylinder computer holder, comfortably and safely.