Pixel perfect StudyTube design

Working Agreement

James McDonald

We believe you are an animal, a beast, a monster perhaps even a mutant with pixels and you can take our shit to the next level!! Sort of a wolverine with pixels -minus the claws- cause those would probably bother during sketching. That’s why without further hesitation we want you to accept the following conditions and commit yourself to make the best, ever, most amazing, super, uber dazzling UI design!

Rules of engagement

You promise not to grow any claws during the entire duration of this agreement – this is very important! Because you are an introvert artist, and have a personality disorder or perhaps even a disease – very common to Dribbble designers - you will be exempted from using any form of talking during the duration of this project :) All communication will go through either IM or email. Because I am an annoying, outgoing - with all sorts of other personality disorder thingies – I am allowed to ask you once a day whether we can have a Skype call, which you have all right to decline. A full bonus of 1 euro, saying one euro, will be paid if you do decide to take a Skype call with me any time, during the project.


You send me an invoice for the down payment of (top secret rate) GBP, we agree that that amount is equal to (top secret rate) Euro during the entire duration of the project. This fee is a down payment for 15 working days, which is 50% of the duration of this agreement. If the project is not finished after 30 days we may agree to do another month of work, or come to some sort of pay-per-page agreement. You will start working full time on this project once payment is cleared - full time meaning - 6 – 8 hours a day. For the purpose of this summary I will assume that payment will be cleared by the 4th of June. You will be taking a holiday between the 18th of June and the 5th of July. Assuming you start working on the 9th of July you will work until the 4th of august, totalling 30 working days. If you decide to resume your work earlier then the 9th of July those days will be counted as working days, and will be deducted from the end date of the 4th of august. Previous deduction method will also be valid for work done in weekends - given you work a total of 6 - 8 hours in the weekend. After the full 30 days of work have been met, the remaining 50% e.g. (top secret rate) Euro, will be transferred, within 3 working days after closing.