Theda Bara

The first vamp

Biography of Theda Bara

Theda Bara was one of the first known 'vamps' of the 1920's, she was an actress in many silent films where she often played the mistress. One of the parts she is best known for is her role as a vampire in the movie a fool there was, she has the very famous line "Kiss me you fool", often misquoted "Kiss me my fool". She also has another very famous role as the lead in Cleopatra, in 1917. She went on to make a lot of money for Fox even though her contract was eventually terminated, her career took a slight downfall, but you can't keep a diamond in the rut for long. She made a few roles but eventually married Charles Brabin, when she then retired. She spent her last few years in California where she eventually passed away from Abdominal Cancer.

A Fool There Was

Theda Bara - The First Vamp


Since Theda Bara was one of the first known vamps she always had superstitions brought about, one of those was that she was an actual vampire. She has a famous photo shoot of her "Hanging out with skeletons"
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Theda Bara had an impact upon the teenagers of the 1920, setting many trends for make up, clothes. She had a very big impact upon the nature of women in the 1920s. She was daring and rebellious.