Changing careers

Mrs.Lowe, Social worker.

Think Ahead

The biggest thing about changing careers is you need to know your next move. Think ahead and have a plan instead of just taking things day by day because eventually that will caught up to you, and wish you wouldn't of made that diction without a workforce plan.

Research the career your actually interested in..

Theres plenty of things you can do to look up the career you think you would enjoy, like the web and you can even look in up in a book. Take some time to yourself and compare your likes and dislikes about yourself and see what best suits you and your interest.

The three things you really need to know before changing a career?

& The most important thing ..

Dont lose faith!

There's no doubt that it takes time, patience and sacrifice to change career; but with a lot of support and a whole lot of determination, its not impossible. When you get there and you’re doing what you love, you’ll find it a lot easier to pull yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off in the morning!