you can help

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Take action, you can help!

Over 14,000,000 people in the world have and are diagnosed with cancer, but most of them can get through it simply because they have people there for them, friends, family, and anyone else who cares. There are also some of them who don't have friends or family, and are just flat out depressed and unhappy. You can do something about this to help. You can walk for hope and be kind and friendly to people with cancer and anyone else that you know or even random strangers you meet. If you have someone in your family or anyone at all that you know with cancer, just know that it makes a big difference just having people there for you. Just remember that the next time you see anyone with any type of cancer, be a friend show that you care and that you are there for them. You can help, you can make a difference, you can be there for people, you can destroy depression, you can save happiness, but you can do none of these if you don't take action.