The Biking Adventure

Summer Fun

This adventure starts off at my dads house. We are preparing for the adventure ahead by getting our water bottles filled up and our muscles stretched. We are heading to Harbor Village for our biking trip, and we are leaving today (June 16th). When my dad starts the truck to leave, it's about 12:25. We are going on this adventure so we can get some good exersise and see some cool things as well. Me, my sister, my dad, and his girlfriend are all super anxious to get there and see what there is to see. We arrived at out destination at approximately 1:00 pm.

Look At Me

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This is one of the scenic things we saw on the trip. The water looked so beautiful.

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This is one of the roads we took when biking. The foliage looked very cool as we biked.

The Science Of It...

1st connection to science

When you hop on a bike and start peddling, you are using velocity to move. Velocity is basically the speed of something in a certain direction. With that being said, when you start moving on your bike, you immediately start using velocity to keep moving. If you didn't have velocity, your bike wouldn't be moveable. So that's why a bike uses velocity.

2nd connection to science

When you think of bikes, the first thing that comes to your mind isn't hand eye coordination. Although you don't think of it, it is a very important part of riding a bike. When you ride a bike, you are constantly using hand eye coordination. While your eyes are telling you what's in front of you, your hands are moving accordingly. For example, there is a rock in your way. Your eyes see that and your hands steer you out of the way. That's how hand eye coordination works when riding a bike.–hand_coordination

I Wonder.....

  • If Gravity was more dense or less dense, would that change how we ride bikes?
  • If humans didn't have hand eye coordination, would we still be able to ride bikes?
  • Is it possible to ride a bike without the front tire?
  • How does WD-40 help get the gears of the bike unstuck?
  • If the tires were deflated, would the bike still be rideable?
  • How does changing the gears work on the chain?