Webster Weekly

Webster Primary Center~April 18, 2016

Making it about the students is more important than making it Pinterest perfect. Learning can be messy AND successful. *Lisa Butler

Calendar of Events

Monday, April 18

DRAs start

Mrs. Lee doing Summatives - check schedule

Tuesday, April 19

Field trip for Moore, Hughes, West

Mrs. Lee finishing Summatives - check schedule

Wednesday, April 20

Jeans day for April Twitter participants

Thursday, April 21

April Bday Treats

Book Fair Preview

Family Fun Night

Friday, April 22

Cardinal Kids Day

Grade-level meetings - Look at beginning of year PBS unit and add BIST components

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End of Year To-Do List

In No Specific Order

1. Submit a final copy of 4th quarter report cards to Janice
2. Finish Pink Sheet/Student Profiles - 1st grade give to Judy. 2nd grade give to Office (not in lounge)
3. Get ALL of your personal dishes/utensils from lounge
4. Get everything off of your closet floors and cover your bookshelves (not with our good roll paper though)
5. Turn in your Back to School letter to Janice

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