performance enhancing drugs

doping in the olympics.

All About Doping:

Doping is an illegal performance enhancing drug athletes use in order to increase their performance in sporting activities. they use it to gain athletic ability. in a way, doping is cheating, and this is why Olympians are tested for performance enhancing drugs when they enter for the Olympics.

marion jones:

She used the steroid called Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG). The benefit of using this drug was to increase adrenaline, make herself more hyper and energetic, and also improve physical appearance, increase muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, train longer and frequently, and boost sporting performance. she ended up in 6 months federal prison, got a four year ban from track and field, got disqualified from all Olympic games years 2000-2007, and forfeited all prizes and medalsin Sydney 2000 summer Olympics. the side effects of the drugs she used are lots. some are: acne, risk of cancer, risk of heart + liver disease, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and bone pain . these are just some but there are many more!

types of performance enhancing drugs

history behind PED's

benefits of ped's

some benefits of doping are:

  • enhances muscle growth
  • builds muscle
  • helps recover quickly from exercise
  • exercise quickly + harder
  • body builds muscle
  • more energy
  • treats differentn types of diseases