Southern Oregon University

Ashland, OR

Basic College Information:

  • 5,247 students
  • 93.4% acceptance rate
  • average admitted student has GPA of 3.31, SAT of 1024, ACT of 22
  • 20.8% on time graduation rate
  • In state tuition= $7,701
  • founded in 1926
  • Public University
  • 50% of classes have class size between 25-50 students
  • 21:1 student to faculty ratio
  • Liberal Arts College
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SOU and Ashland, Oregon

Things to do in Ashland:

  • go to the Shakespeare Festivals
  • go boating on Emigrant Lake
  • Ski/Snowboard at Mt. Ashland
  • go to Lithia Park
  • go to Hargadine Cemetery
  • visit Scienceworks

Climate & Geography

  • near south end of Bear Creek Valley
  • 594 meters above sea level
  • close to Ashland Creek and its tributaries
  • close to Mount Ashland

  • Oregons southwest interior climate zone
  • rain shadow from the coasts range
  • precipitation falls on average 114 days
  • 20 inches of precipitation
  • average 1.4 inches of snowfall
  • coldest month is December with a temp, of 47 degrees Fahrenheit
  • hottest month is July with a temp. of 88 degrees Fahrenheit
  • coldest day ever recorded is -4 degrees, hottest was 108 degrees
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How I plan to pay for college:

I plan on using different things in combination

  • I will be able to apply for FAFSA and probably get a decent amount
  • (FAFSA deadline is June 30th)
  • my parents will help support me financially
  • I have some money set aside for college, around $8,000
  • I will also apply for scholarships but I'm not sure which I am eligible for

How I plan to achieve post high school goals:

  • have a very good GPA for the next year of high school to increase my cumulative
  • be involved in more extracurriculars

Classes I'm going to take next year:

  • AP English
  • College Writing
  • Bodyworks
  • maybe Anatomy
  • Child Development II

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Volunteer work for training

Youth volunteering at the Three Rivers Community Hospital.
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