The Three Blind Mice

Ayden, Kayden and Jayden

Once there were three blind mice by the names of Ayden, Kayden, and Jayden. Ayden was the smart one who always knew how to escape a sticky situation in the most creative way. Kayden was the troublemaker who always put a bunch of stress on Ayden. And Jayden was the quiet one who just followed around his brothers in homes of good things to happen to them. Normally, Ayden and Kayden never got along while Jayden just read in silence.

But one day, Ayden and Kayden's fighting had gotten too extreme. They got into a very serious public flight leaving themselves and a few others who tried to break it up injured. That same day, they had been arrested both for felonies. Witnesses claim they had no idea why the fight had started, but they claimed Kayden threw the first punch.

When Jayden got the news, he only had enough money to bail out one of his brothers. After a lot of tough deciding, he chose Ayden since he had less charges placed upon his head. Kayden was upset about this and claimed he would then “Appeal against the conviction”, but when he tried he didn’t succeed. Ayden kept trying to find a solution to his brother’s situation, but he could not focus as he feared that his brother would receive an indictment by the judge.

Kayden and his lawyer met with the grand jury a week later to discuss the issue. Kayden had been missing his brothers at this point because he had not seen them in days. The grand jury unfortunately put him to trial and sent him a subpoena. He knew all he’d be able to get to help him on this case is a public defender, who’d help him since he is a defendant unable to afford any legal assistance. Kayden was scheduled for arraignment in a town about three hours away in two days after hearing about this.

When the day came for his trail, he was nervous because he knew not of whether he’d go to jail or if he’d be able to return home to his brothers. When he entered, the petit jury eyed him down observing every one of his moves. After the trial began, he took an oath, but Kayden was considering pulling off a perjury to try to guarantee his innocence so he doesn’t end up in jail. However, they’d most likely be able to tell if he was lying or not.

Kayden worried that’d he face prosecution, but he was wrong. It wasn’t prosecution that he’d face, but shortly after learning the jury returned a verdict claiming he was guilty, he learned he was sentenced to two months in jail. After he had plea bargained with the judge and managed to only receive one month in jail. His brothers were saddened by this, but they would see him only in a month which was better than two months or even a year.