Kicking with Keep

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Kicking with Keep

If you have not heard about Google Keep, you are in for a treat. This hidden gem is great tool for students and teachers. Let's learn more.

Google Keep is a web-based application (And part of the Google Suite of tools) that allows you to create and share notes, lists, and reminders. You can also add images, voice notes, drawings and more! Each note resembles an online sticky note that can be customized and shared. This robust tool can be used by teachers and students to manage projects, set goals, communicate and collaborate.

First Check out this Blogpost and video overview of features.


1. Explore Google Keep, set up and log into app(s) using this Cheat Sheet form Shake up Leaning

2. Explore options for using Google Keep for Feedback

3. Google Keep with Doc-Stickers

4. Google Keep for Comments

Bonus: 15 ways students can Use Keep

Matt Miller's Blogpost on Keep

Activity: Create or edit notes to include or practice the following Keep features

1. Reminder: Create a location or date reminder for a note

2. Collaborator: Add someone as a collaborator to a note you create

3. Label: Add at least three labels to your notes

4. Grab Image text: Add a note with an image and use the three dots to "grab image text"

5. Pin: Pin a note to the top of your list

6. Color: modify the color of a note

Bonus: Stickers: Create a "stickers" label and add stickers to be used for general feedback.

After exploring and practicing please respond to the questions on the linked Padlet here:

*** Please fill out this survey after completing your slides Kicking with Keep Learning.