Knights and Tournaments

What did it take to be a knight?

What did it mean to be a knight?

Being a knight meant having courage. It meant you had to protect the people. That you had to be loyal, and strong. You had to be willing to sacrifice your life. But it also brought great honor.

Who did the knights serve?

The knights served the lords, who in return for the knights loyalty, gave them a fief.

Was this a paid position or a position of honor?

Sort of both. It was a paid position because if you could get peasants to work on your fief, then it would get you money. But it was also honorable to be a knight.

What was the code of chivalry?

"A knight was expected to have not only the strength and skills to face combat in the violent Middle Ages but was also expected to temper this aggressive side of a knight with a chivalrous side to his nature." (, Knights Code of Chivalry).

How did a man become a knight?

A man became a knight from many years of training, from being just around 5 and working around the house, all the way to being about 21, becoming a knight.

How did a knight dress and what equipment did he have?

A knight wore thick iron armor, and chain mail layer of armor under the regular armor. He carried a sword, a flask sometimes, and a shield.

Who did the knights fight against? Why?

Whoever the nobles that hired them wanted to. The nobles often had many enemies.

How and why were tournaments held?

Tournaments were set up to accommodate many people, with a huge area in the middle. Tournaments were held to prepare knights for war.

WHat was jousting?

Jousting was where knights ran at eachother with giant sticks, and tried to break the other knights stick.