Please sign up using the individuals name that will be volunteering. :)


(a side note from your NPBB Vice President.... my name is Alan, by the way)

In recent years, staffing the gift shop has been a real struggle.

We have heard from some parents in our program that they don't volunteer for activities because they don't feel appreciated when they give of their time. That is a feeling that can be corrected, and I/we will be doing some things differently, moving forward.

Our program deeply depends on volunteers. It will be a focus of our Board to be sure that our network of volunteers FEELS appreciated and KNOWS they are appreciated - because you ARE appreciated.

The proof will be in the pudding. Keep your eyes peeled. You'll see it. :)

New to the band program? Never worked the track gift shop? Now is the perfect time to jump into the pool!

Please, look over your calendars and sign up for a shift or two. Dates start on May 14th.

If we can fill these slots well in advance, it will make the entire month a smashing success!

- Alan Ausbrooks (just a guy that wants to help our program/kids succeed)

*** *** ***

The time has come to sign up for this year’s IMS Gift Shop slots. For those that are new to the program, THIS is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Marching band, Concert band, Color Guard, Jazz Band… this is available to EVERYONE to earn some $$ towards your yearly dues.

The New Palestine Performing Arts Program has the exclusive opportunity to run the huge air-conditioned gift shop by the Start/Finish Line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This means we need a lot of volunteers. Simply put, this event keeps our yearly dues from being substantially higher. Parent involvement is crucial, as each day needs to be fully staffed. If we are short, and we can’t perform to the level the Speedway requires, we may loose this amazing opportunity.

Parents, grandparents, relatives and friends are all invited to help. Students are also invited to help, as long as they are 16 and older. Please check your calendar and reserve your preferred date(s) ASAP. First come, first served!

In addition to signing up, please print out & fill out the IMS Release Form, located towards the bottom of this newsletter. We will need to have your physically printed & filled out form on hand before your shift. You cannot fill this form out at the track (as was the case in years past).

*NEW* for signing up, and working a full shift, your students account will be credited $50! (maximum of 2 credits per student account). That’s $100 off your dues! Plus, your student account will receive a portion of the profits our organization receives, based on our sales!

There is also a sweet merchandise discount, if you are wanting any Indianapolis Motor Speedway gear/memorabilia. It really is a WIN-WIN-WIN.

Tasks include:
Working a check out register
Restocking merchandise
Selling programs
Being a general helper/runner
Working in the back room prepping shirts/hats

Everyone is invited to sign up for more than 2 shifts, but there is a maximum of two $50 credits for any one students account. There is no limitation to your access to the profit sharing portion of the arrangement. If you work, the profit sharing applies.

If you have any questions, please contact Angie Campbell

Thank you in advance for volunteering & lets have some fun!