Module 7 Lesson 2 Study Tips

By Selena Garcia

Are your studying techniques failing you?

Are you finding it hard to remember information on a test even though you've studied so hard? Well don't worry you're about to get some studying tips that will help you so the next test or quiz you take in school you won't have to be worrying that you forgot something.

Tip 1:

Is it a vocabulary quiz?
Well I got just the thing for you.
  • When you're going through the words in class you should write them down, and then once you have gotten the time you should use index cards! You could use a drill and practice strategy by doing just simple repetition in which you just say the words out loud and do this back to back till you get every single one of them right. So then the next day you go through again and do the same thing.
  • When you get new words you could also use Mnemonic devices, this strategy involves associating new information with older information so then it is easier to retrieve the information later.

Tip 2:

Your attention is important.
This means no noises and your full attention should be on what you're studying. This means no:
  • loud noises
  • TV
  • Or cell phones

Tip 3:

You might think that you do really good by cramming stuff at the last minute. But honestly, you shouldn't do that. You should really start assigning certain times each day to study, and then review the information that you studied earlier so that your memory doesn't start to decay on the subject.

Tip 4:

You may also always chunk things together. This simply means relating terms and concepts together and so then when you must retrieve this information it'll be easier.

Tip 5:

You might be a person that must use visual techniques to study. This means you may need to use photographs, charts and other things that may be in your notes or textbook. This could help you by applying the information into a picture. If you don't have a visual image to look at you could always try drawing your own by making charts for words, and applying this to the ability to study this by having a visual reference.

These are my 5 helpful hints to improve how you study.