Miracle's boys

Book report by: Brandon


Ty'ree, the oldest of three brothers, is now caring for his younger siblings. Lafayette, twelve, is still grieving and blames himself for not being able to save his mother, who died from an insulin shock two years earlier and Charlie has just returned from Rahway Home for Boys where he has been imprisoned for the last two years after being convicted of armed robbery and still blames Lafayette for their mother's death. Their father died saving a woman and her dog from drowning but dies of hypothermia.



Charlie is a just a trouble maker most would say, but really he is a good kid who took a wrong path. Charlie is "the bad one" Because he has gotten into alot of trouble.


Lafayette is having a hard time dealing with his mother death. He is quiet and is "the innocent one" Lafayette hasn't done anything good or bad. He's neutral.


Ty'ree is the oldest of the three. He decidhe es to take care of his younger siblings after his parents death. He is "the good one" and people call him a saint because of his actions.

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