Marcus Mustangs Weekly Newsletter

March 28, 2016



  • 3/28 4-5th grade Pep Rally 8:00-8:45 AM (students remain in the auditorium)
  • 3/29-30 STAAR testing 4th Writing Tuesday, 5th Math Tuesday, 5th Reading Wednesday


  • 4/4-8 Book Fair
  • 4/4-8 Pre-K Round Up (in the auditorium)
  • 4/4-8 Art Performance ACP--Grade 5
  • 4/4 Attendance Committee Meeting (see Ms. Evangelista)
  • 4/4 Concilio Parent Graduation 6-8 PM
  • 4/6 Music Memory Test
  • 4/8 The Ned Show (see Ms. Gray for more info)
  • 4/12 #2 Mock STAAR 3-4th Math
  • 4/12 K-2 TERRA NOVA/SUPERA testing training, 3-5 Student Survey training
  • 4/12 PTA Kinder Performance--Kinder Round Up
  • 4/12 Dickies Night Out 4-6PM
  • 4/13 #2 Mock STAAR 3-4th Reading, 5th Science
  • 4/15 Student Surveys 3-5th gd (more info to follow)
  • 4/15 End of 5th six weeks
  • 4/18 Start of 6th six weeks
  • 4/18-19 Music Performance ACP--Grade 3
  • 4/18-22 K-2 TERRA NOVA/SUPERA assessment
  • 4/19 5th gd scores come in
  • 4/20-21 PE Performance ACP--Grade 4
  • 4/26 Report Cards go home
  • 4/29 Awards Ceremony 5th Six Weeks


  • 5/2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
  • 5/2 STAAR training grades 3-5
  • 5/5 Cinco de Mayo
  • 5/9-11 STAAR testing (Monday 3-4th Math & 5th retesters, Tuesday 3-4th Reading & 5th retesters, Wednesday 5th Science)
  • 5/10 PTA Pre-K performance
  • 5/16 Field Day K-2
  • 5/17 Field Day 3-5
  • 5/18-25 K-5 ACP
  • 5/18 3-4th gd scores come in
  • 5/26 Career Day/Higher ED day
  • 5/27 Talent Show (see Ms. Munsie)
  • 5/31 Re-tester scores come in


  • 6/2 End of the 6th six weeks
  • 6/2 Last day of school for students
  • 6/2 Fifth gd ceremony (other grades will be inputted soon)
  • 6/3 Teacher Staff Development day, Last Day for teachers

Balanced Literacy Cadre

3rd-5th Reading Teachers:

If you are a third, fourth, or fifth grade teacher and are attending the district's Balanced Literacy Cadre at the Buckner Building from 2 - 5 PM, the dates are below.

  • April 4th

  • May 28th

  • June 1st

Thank you for being a part of a team that helps the school increase student achievement and as an extra bonus you are enhancing your teaching craft. We look forward to hearing all about the training and sharing these best practices with the rest of the Staff.

Tutoring updates/ STAAR Academy

Tutoring will be end on MARCH 31 for all grades except testing grades 3-5

Saturday School is NOT mandatory, but if you are interested in tutoring, email Ms. Wallace **this will be paid time :)

STAAR Academy tentative Saturday school dates:

  • 4/16, 4/23, 4/30, 5/7---3rd&4th Reading and Math including 5th grade Science & Re-testers

Common Assessments

Mock STAAR #2

  • 4/12 3-4 Math
  • 4/13 3-4 Reading & 5th Science

Staff Recognition

Don't forget to complete this week's survey to recognize our first teacher and support staff for the Second Semester.

The teacher and support staff will receive a Recognition Sash to display for the week, a Certificate, you will be highlighted at our Recognition Board, a Parking Spot designated for you, and denim for the whole week as long as you wear the T.O.W. Sash...

Each week we will meet and the award will be passed on to another person, chosen by you based on the given criteria from the google form.

· Supportive and respectful to all students and staff

· Enforce high student expectations consistently

· Contribute to team experiences and collaboration with colleagues

· Contribute to increasing positive morale throughout the campus

· Has high expectations for students and expect nothing less than 100% of full effort

If you have any other ideas that we can add to recognizing staff please do not hesitate to share with us, we are open to ALL ideas :)

Marcus' Mustangs Spirit Song

Praise to Marcus Elementary

Blue and White we strive for Success

Memories here will live eternally

Friendship, Learning, Mustang Pride

Marcus is where we learn good Character

Skills to build our future bright

Memories here will live eternally

Friendship, Learning, Mustang Pride

Herbert Marcus Elementary


To be an educational exemplar, whose priority is to provide high quality instruction, increase student academic achievement, and develop our students holistically.


To foster a love of learning in a caring, safe, and welcoming school, where the staff works collaboratively with the community to develop confident, responsible students who are well prepared for the future, to ensure that our students achieve their highest academic potential and are college and career ready.

Core Beliefs:

Our main purpose is to improve student academic achievement.

Effective instruction makes the most difference in student academic achievement.

There is no excuse for poor quality instruction.

At risk students will achieve at the same rate as non-at-risk students with our help using a Response to Intervention process.

Staff members must have a commitment to children and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in a caring classroom.